Mixes: Rhythm Passport Vol. 67 – Iñaki Martinez – Organic Electronica

Iñaki Mix 67

This is a mix I made after many months of listening to this genre. Organic sounds mixed with electronic beats. Textures, sounds, extractions and sample manipulations. As I say, it’s digital folk on steroids. Tracks from Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, Denmark, and more.

(Iñaki Martinez)

Track list:
  1. Moglebaum – Synthie & Roma (00:00)
  2. Audio Dope – Pai Mei (03:42)
  3. G.T. – Classy Girls (06:06)
  4. Haunted Water – La Jaula de Oro (09:18)
  5. Pigmalião – À Dois (12:48)
  6. Steffen Kirchhoff – Gaia (17:45)
  7. Galimatias – Ocean Floor Kisses (23:51)
  8. JAJA – Cura del Sentimiento (27:27)
  9. Kurup – Estilha (32:36)
  10. Kurup – Vibra (40:30)

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