Mixes: Rhythm Passport Vol. 69 – Edna Martinez – Maicao Tape

Edna Martinez – Maicao Tape

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A musical selection by Edna Martinez related to her LatinArab project.

LatinArab is a DJ-set by Edna Martinez (Colombia) with live percussion by Romeo Natur (Germany / Palestina), both living in Berlin. This show is a melting pot of Oriental, Tropical, Afro-Caribbean, ancestral music and organic percussion (conga, bongos, darbuka, djembe etc.) with polyrhythmic grooves. LatinArab is also an event with a lineup that reflects the same concept of the DJ-set. Next  3rd edition of LatinArab will be on the 1st of February at YAAM.

Artists that already featured: Dengue Dengue Dengue, Rafael Aragon, Hadi Zedian, Wahid Paradis, El Buho, El Leopardo and more…”



  1. Folklore wedding song (Palestine)
  2. Herencia de Timbiqui – La Zorra y el Perol (Colombia)
  3. Majid Bekkas, Rachid Zeroual & Khalid RouhenYoubadi ( Marroco)
  4. Ti Emile – I Chaud I Chaud (Martinique)
  5. Guy Conquette – Assez Fait Cancan (Guadeloupe)
  6. Elias Rahbani – La Dance de Nadia (Lebanon)
  7. Jimmy Salcedo y Su Onda TresMalagueña (Colombia)
  8. Africando – Aïcha (NY/Senegal)
  9. DJ Tudo e Sua Gente de Todo Lugar – Bendir (Brasil)
  10.  Fafá de Belém – Raça (Tahira Rework) (Brasil)
  11. Family Atlantica – El Negrero (Ve/Nig /UK)
  12. Trafasi – Jawani (Suriname)
  13. Mallek Mohamed – Rouhi Ya Hafida (Algeria)
  14. Conjunto Son San – Cumbia San Pablera (Colombia)
  15. Anibal Velasquez y su Conjunto – Cumbia Bogotana (Colombia)
  16. Conjunto Tipico Contreras – Capricho Egipcio (Mexico)

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Artists: Edna Martinez

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