Playlist: Nick Page – Dr Strangedub, Dub Colossus’ Kickstarter Campaign (October 2018)

Dub Colossus Strangedub

These are busy days for Nick Page (also known by his monikers Count Dubulah, Tax D and Kid Ouzo): an ongoing tour with Transglobal Underground, various remixes and a brand new album with his creature Dub Colossus in the making have filled his recent months. The “writer, producer, guitar and bass player, remixer, editor and programmer”, who has given a new meaning to the term global sound, has also recently found some spare time to compile a playlist for us featuring tunes that he was “listening [to] and liking while making new album Dr Strangedub”.

Enjoy his musical selection and follow this link to support the Kickstarter campaign for Dub Colossus’ new album.

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Watch the full playlist:

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