Playlist: Your Ticket to… Winter 20/21

Your Ticket to… Winter 2020 cover

Spring, summer, autumn and… we couldn’t help, but compile a winter playlist as well

Here’s another seasonal recap of (some of) the music we listened to and loved at Rhythm Passport in the last days, weeks and months.

No genre or stylistic borders, the only common denominators behind the selection are the quality of the songs featured and their global and far-reaching perspective.

So, listen to and enjoy the beats of the world!

Jobby Valente - Mi Moin Mi Ou - compiled by Guts on SFTD Vol.2

GUTS new compilation • Straight From The Decks Vol. 2 OUT April 2nd. Pre order LP & CD :​ HHV Records Exclusive Blue Vinyl Edition :​ ••• Any DJ set tells you, unconsciously or not, about its author. Through the record choices and the way they are organized, one can feel the DJ’s state of mind and find out a bit more about the musical deposit discovered that is being shared and dug through by him or her at the moment. The appetite for diggin’, the quest for a novelty or a forgotten rarity is what makes a DJ set a true organic living matter constantly fueled although not always, unfortunately, respected. Time stretching. Too many DJ’s made a pact with this diabolical creature. A true digital steamroller that runs over the rhythm to fix the tempo while leaving behind an agonizing drummer whose sole crime was to have been carried away by his energy and having moved forward the BPM. At the end, everything that gave charm and life to the track, its imperfections and the peculiar fact that it makes you dance faster towards its end… all these along with all the lively movements contained within the track are reduced to nothing. My conception of music and DJ sets is the exact opposite. Since the first volume of Straight From The Decks, my DJ sets have been redesigned, refreshed and improved. However, there was no preexisting plan, they evolved naturally following my new desires. The famous core of my indispensable musical choices started to morph little by little into something different without losing sight of its center of gravity which remains undoubtedly afro-tropical. No matter which track, its style and its origin, the quality of the music that is brought to my ears is always my sole and primary concern. In this selection, you’ll find 7” vinyl records available to everyone sitting proudly next to some rarities found online and acquired through nerve-raking auctions battles. There are indeed exclusive remixes along with titles that until now were only available in their digital formats. Now for the first time they are available here in vinyl format. Obviously, if you have chosen the CD format, that precision doesn’t really matter… Sixteen titles which have become the heart of my sets throughout this past year. A heart which in a year will beat to a certainly different drum… Pura Vida Guts Follow GUTS FB : IG : Bandcamp : Follow Heavenly Sweetness FB : SC : Twitter : Youtube channel :​​

J. Balvin - Tu Veneno (Official Video)

J Balvin – Tu Veneno (Official Video) Tu Veneno out now:!YD Shop: https://jbalvinstore.universalmusic... Subscribe to J Balvin's channel here: Follow J Balvin: Lyrics Yeah J Balvin Man Ya va más de una luna llena tirándome y no me texteas Sácame de esta cuarentena Iba a las millas y me pusiste los frenos Porque yo soy tu veneno tu veneno yeah Te hago mal pero que bueno cuando lo hacemos yeah En ti me puse a pensar en todas esas bellaqueras cuando conmigo estabas Se que te sientes igual y extrañas cuando encima me brincabas Porque yo soy tu veneno tu veneno yeah Te hago mal pero que bueno que lo hacemos yeah En ti me puse a pensar en todas esas bellaqueras cuando conmigo estabas Sé que te sientes igual y extrañas cuando Pedías hacerlo con mis canciones te ponías creativa inventando posiciones Ahora el que te lo pone se vuelve loco cuando hace que tu me menciones Mujer dile que a mi me perdone no es culpa mia que te ande celando por lo del otro día Si te lo di en cuatro como se suponía Me tienes en vela desde la despedida y yo ya no duermo de noche me desvelo Si tu me das una pista cojo vuelo Mami yo caliente, tú hielo (ice) por ti yo cancelo los cueros Me tienes recordando todo lo que te hacía no entiendo como un polvo de esos se olvida Pa mi ya estoy detrás de ti como policía Yo que estoy pa ti pero Iba a las millas y me pusiste los frenos Porque yo soy tu veneno tu veneno yeah Te hago mal pero que bueno cuando lo hacemos yeah En ti me puse a pensar en todas esas bellaqueras cuando conmigo estabas Sé que te sientes igual y extrañas cuando encima me brincabas Porque yo soy tu veneno tu veneno yeah Te hago mal pero que bueno que lo hacemos yeah En ti me puse a pensar en todas esas bellaqueras cuando conmigo estabas Se que te sientes igual y extrañas cuando J Balvin Man El Negocio Socio Ey Sky Rompiendo Rompiendo el Bajo Yeah Taiko MoMoMosty Leggo La Familia Iba a las millas y me pusiste los frenos #JBalvin #TuVeneno Music video by J. Balvin performing Tu Veneno. Universal Music Latino; © 2021 Sueños Globales, LLC, Exclusively Licensed To UMG Recordings Inc.

Hiatus Kaiyote - 'Get Sun (feat. Arthur Verocai)' (Official Audio)


Kishi Bashi - Wait for Springtime (Official Audio)

"Wait for Springtime" by Kishi Bashi off 'Emigrant EP' out on Joyful Noise Recordings. Streaming Audio: 12" Vinyl/Digital:

Michael Wimberly - Afrofuturism (Extended Mix) (Official Music Video)

"Afrofuturism" (Extended Mix) released Feb. 19th, 2021 on Temple Mountain Records (TMR). Distributed by LevelMusic / Warner Music Group. Sun Ra meets Dr. Funkenstein in a P-Funk groovaliscious stew in this universal groove remix. A throw back and nod to the rhythmic and sonic tapestry makers of the 70s Funk era. Featuring: Sharief Hobley Vocals and Guitars Theresa Thomason Vocals Michael Wimberly Vocals and Djembe Imani Lewis-Shirley Vocals, Trevor Allen Bass Jonathan Joseph Drums Waldron Ricks Trumpet Bruce Williamson Tenor Sax. Recorded by Ken Rich @ Grand Street Studios, Brooklynn, NY Mixed and Remixed by Mike Meurin Produced by Mike Meurin & Michael Wimberly Mastered by Jody Elff Artwork by Mike Meurin Photos by Andrea Luis and Mike Meurin To listen to all of Michael Wimberly's Afrofuturism on any streaming services please click on this link: Contact:

OZFERTI - Chika Bet ( official video )

Musique et Animation par OZFERTI Label Humpty Dumpty Records Avec l'aide de SABAM for culture, Beats'n'Roots FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM SOUNDCLOUD SPOTIFY DEEZER

Chihei Hatakeyama - Twilight Sea (visualiser)

From the album Late Spring, out 7 April, 2021. Stream: This was the last track recorded for the album. It was based on the improv I’d done using a Roland α JUNO, and then used a Phonegene modular synth for the effect. I also used Strymon’s MAGNETO modular synth for the delay, and the effect is quite complex. The image was a simple ambience of dusk. - Chihei Hatakeyama Visuals by Zak Sheinman --- Subscribe to Gearbox Channel:

MIMA - La máquina patinaba La máquina patinaba se asoma a la versión original que Canario popularizó durante el auge de la plena antigua en Puerto Rico, adaptándose a un registro contemporáneo en el empleo del bajo, los aplausos y el sintetizador. MIMA convoca el pulso festivo tradicional de las parrandas navideñas para contrastarlo con la metáfora del ferrocarril: un país a la deriva. Autor: Manuel Jiménez. Producción y arreglo: Yarimir Cabán Reyes en colaboración con Ariel Robles, Antonio Caraballo, Luis Amed Irizarry, Diego Centeno, David Pérez e Iván Gutiérrez. Voz: Yarimir Cabán Reyes. Percusión: Diego Centeno, Tito Matos y José David Pérez. Sample: La Máquina por Canario. Teclados: Luis Amed Irizarry. Bajo y programación: Ariel Robles. Edición: Yarimir Cabán Reyes, Ariel Robles, y John Blais. Ingenieros de grabación: John Blais y José David Pérez Mezcla: Iván Gutiérrez y Mariano Aponte para Borinquen Beats en Live House Studios. Masterización: Vlado Meller, Truphonic Recording Studio. Diseño de portada: Derick Joel Vázquez. Gracias a Luis Amed Irizarry Quintero, Natacha Vale y Teruca Rullán por facilitar la producción y publicación de este tema.

Şevket Akıncı ''FIRST IN LINE'' (feat. Şirin Soysal & Ülkü Aybala Sunat) Directed by Erkan Karakiraz


The Mouse Outfit - It's True (Ft Josh Ivell)


📺 Mista Savona & Beatriz Márquez - Lágrimas Negras [Official Video]

Mista Savona & Beatriz Márquez present Lágrimas Negras from the Havana Meets Kingston II Project. Single available : From the forthcoming album 'Havana Meets Kingston - Part 2', this stunning version of Lagrimas Negras features legendary Cuban singer Beatriz Márquez (considered one of the very greats alongside Omara Portuondo), together with some of Jamaica and Cuba's most accomplished musicians - including drummer Sly Dunbar and members of Irakere, Los Van Van and The Buena Vista Social Club. 'Havana Meets Kingston' is a world-first project uniting the music and culture of the two islands: This exclusive video footage shows Cuba's capital city in a very different light, captured during the various lockdowns and curfews of 2020 and 2021. Normally Havana is filled with music, excitement, people and all kinds of busy activity on the streets. Lockdowns of course present a very different picture. We hope that very soon Havana will be filled with music and joy once again. ‘Lagrimas Negras’ feat. Beatriz Marquez (M.Matamoros) Drums: Sly Dunbar Bass: Gaston Joya Piano: Rolando Luna Trumpet: Julito Padrón Guiro: Bongo Herman Congas: Yaroldy Abreu Mixed Cuban Percussion: Oliver Valdés & Changuito Hammond Organ: Jake Savona Backup Vocals: Julito Padrón, Keka Otero & Lazaro Ernesto Numa Pompa Havana Footage: Michel Pardo & Luis Toledo Edit & Colour Grade: Luis Toledo

Chronixx - Safe N Sound (Official Video)

A new video from Chronixx. Directed by Dark X and SAMO, produced by Soul Circle Music Safe n Sound lyrics Wise ghetto youth start wise up now Rise ghetto youth start rise up now Hear mi Bun sufferation and bun poverty Mek dem know a evolution time A Babylon invent crime We need more love flowing in the streets Children a smile an a skin dem teeth More love flowing in the town Whole community safe and sound Love flowing in the street Work affi gwan and food affi eat More love flowing in the town People tell me how mi sound Lord a mercy All of a sudden everybody a gun man State of emergency and a bag a tension Politician doh have nuh development plan That’s why every community need a one don One order, everybody fi unite Nyahbinghi order Rastafari Nuttn nuh precious like di youth dem life Dat a one thing nuh mount a money cyah buy Chat dem a chat A talk bout dem a bad man A run up dem mouth an gwan The guns that they gave you Are tools that they use to break good communities down A mus the boom and the rum Fly up in your head my son Mek yuh figet seh you a king And start bleach out your skin And flex like a bloodclaa clown Ah haa Children a laugh and a skin dem teeth More love flowing in the town Whole community Safe N Sound Love flowing in the streets Work affi gwan and food affi eat More love flowing in the town Come on Jamaica, tell mi how mi sound Look how much a wi son dem kill already Look how much juvenile dem killing again Future Shellyann Fraisers Usain Bolts doctors, wi lawyers and all wi singer dem African people we lock di world already A through the powers of Haile I, we a win again Wi up and wi ready, di natty firm and heavy Diss Rastafari and everything a dead. Chat dem a chat And a talk bout dem bad And a run up dem mouth and gwan Prostituting wi daughters Wi son dem get slaughtered They breaking our families down A mus the boom and the rum Weh di Dutty government bring come Mek you figet seh you a queen And start bleach out yuh skin An a flex like a fool Winsome Or it could be many years of brainwashing Or the stew peas with the pig tail It even might be these pills that they poppin Mek everybody feel like a big devil Affi face the truth an wi cyaa hide from it Affi heal wi people, it’s inevitable Cause the poison food a mek di youth brain damage Coupled with with the crap they watching on the cable Pastor nah nuh answer Di youth dem inna d church sick and dying from cancer Marijuana is the healing And a long time church people a laugh after Rasta Jamaica government invest millions a dollars fi destroy wi landrace sativa Bring in seeds from California And then they legalize ganja #chronixx

Kasai Allstars - Olooh, a War Dance for Peace (Official Music Video)

The first single from the upcoming new album by the mighty collective from the DRC Congo. Directed by Patrick Zoom, shot near Kinshasa. The song refers to an ancestral custom in certain villages: when a problem occurs between some inhabitants, they look for a peaceful solution by performing a specific war dance, bearing weapons in their hands. It's a dance which used to signal the end of hostilities, and serves nowadays to solve conflicts. 'Black Ants Always Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound', the new Kasai Allstars album, is out now. Listen/get: Follow Kasai Allstar Follow Crammed Discs

Tony Allen - Cosmosis (Official Clip) ft. Skepta, Ben Okri

I play yours, you play mine. The music never ends. The wisdom of Tony Allen's words was as deep as his grooves, and these two sentences, which announce the dozen songs that follow, truly capture the spirit of There is No End. Tony’s motivating concept and desire was to work with younger artists, and especially the new generation of rappers, and give them voice in a time of global turmoil when music has never been more important – not necessarily as a ""weapon"" for the future in the manner of Fela's violently political songs, but also as medicine to heal a fractured world today. For all those who knew him, he was a deeply spiritual man whose life's mission was not just to create a new musical language, but to pass it on to subsequent generations. In thinking back on the incredible process of creating this album without Tony physically present to guide him, producer Vincent Taeger remarked that his friend and mentor ""was a teacher without speaking... a drummer and a guardian, with a great artistic vision and that vision filled the songs even after he had left us."" Ben Okri, like everyone else involved in this valedictory album, had a very similar experience, declaring in awe that ""this man could have lived another 150 years and kept creating new worlds. He had become the master shaman of his art. He knew himself and his mind. He wanted the album to be open to the energies of a new generation... but like a great mathematician or scientist who found a code of for a new world, with just a few beats, he created this extraordinary canvas."" New Album There Is No End out April 30th Pre-order / Buylink: D2C Store: Follow Tony Allen on Facebook : Instagram : Twitter : Official site : Music video by Tony Allen performing Cosmosis- featuring Skepta & Ben Okri Video footage Filmed by Missy, Jamie and Bernard Benant Directed by Navire Argo (C) 2021 Decca Records France


Matata and STL (Stella Mwangi) Presents ACHUU!! Walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes. There is no need to explain oneself. It's your life; do what makes you happy!! Connect with Matata on social media Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Spotify Apple Music LYRICS (Richie) Oi oi oi oi oi oi, woi woi woi woi woi woi, Bad vibes am allergic to, Achuu! Achuu! Achuu! Achuu! X 2 (Festus) Cheki di gang gang, Hii ni matata mbogi ni genje Checki di ngeus shake di bang bang Pekene jeng jeng Tulishasafisha rada si ni wanjaja Hatupikii chai na ketepa yetu ni ganja tea Hii ni Fantasy Tuna courtesy Hii ni rasta see man a gangster see Sema ngwe utekwe kwe uguzwe cheke kwe kwe kwe Me nataka asanti ya punda rrrr nipe teke ke (Ken) Maneno yako bitter shinda hadi mursick Na kama boss ni vita man I don’t fight chicks Nina rubber inaeza futa your career erase it Na pia juta juta ka ukona beef at your risk Hii ni lambo ata na Subaru can’t race it Big ego coco jambo let’s face it Vile una hang ka bolingo I can’t take it Nina swali ehh amigo can I kick it (Richie) Oi oi oi oi oi oi, woi woi woi woi woi woi, Bad vibes am allergic to, Achuu! Achuu! Achuu! Achuu! X 2 (Freddy) Uliokoka na bado hujaomoka buda Sahi una kula tu mogoka ukitoa ushuhuda Unjifanya we mreligious na una roho ya judas Una betray my ninjas juu ya salasa buda Round hii tumenona ka paka za butchery Na sura ka matiangi hapa hakuna fogery (achuu!) Cheki cheki nime clean up nice Oohhhh Shingo maji maji see dat ice (Marcus) Man dem man dem Niko base na ma gal dem gal dem Tuna blaze tuna burn dem burn dem Bad vibes man a kill dem kill dem yeah Me ndo kingpin wa hizi pengting Man a freshting na siko flexing I got the juice na siko blending Nime standout lakini bado nina blend in (Richie) Oi oi oi oi oi oi, woi woi woi woi woi woi, Bad vibes am allergic to, Achuu! Achuu! Achuu! Achuu! X 2 (STL) Níe reke ngwere, Nyúmete kúraihú, Túmete kúraihu, twonete barafù wee! Ndīaríkīríe thúkúrú, Nó ninjúe Mathafú, werúte handafú ,ndúe ndí thahafú! Njítagwo Nyambura Naa ndícokaga na thútha,níndagá gacúngwa ashio ange noo gúfútha, Íkíra kíratú gíakú tīgana na gīakwa ,naa ndúkandehere maúndú matare na fata! Boss!! I'm not just somebody am a limitless force Africans are lost better bring em back to core Call yourself a lion but you just a house cat Gotta switch that, flip it like an acrobat Mambo bado mbele ya kuchizi Catch up with me uta fall kama ndizi  I mean, im one-off, no match up, you need back up? I just add up. (Richie) Oi oi oi oi oi oi, woi woi woi woi woi woi, Bad vibes am allergic to, Achuu! Achuu! Achuu! Achuu! X 2 Thanks To all cast and crew! Video Script/concept: Matata Director: DAVID VU Cinematography and colour grade Aleksander Haugdal Location: 1st AD: Kunal Bhart 1st AC: Birk rønningabakken groven Grip: Andreas R Nicholaisen Production assistant: Collins Milanya Bucket boy: Peter Kipkoech Obwogi Bucket girl: Rahab Maina Stunt Double Bucket girl : Kine Andersen Audio Written and Performed by : Matata & STL Stella Mwangi instrumental: Jegede Premixed/Edit: Ape music Mix & Mastering : Mixedbychopz Executive producer: Matata You can also watch MATATA - MARE MARE (ft. LAMAZ SPAN K.O.B) [SMS 'Skiza 7637298' to 811] MATATA - KATA (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [SMS 'Skiza 7637299' to 811] MATATA - DENGE (madenge) Official video [SMS 'Skiza 7637297' to 811] MATATA- RURACIO (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) GENGETRAP 1 [SMS 'Skiza 76377661' to 811] MATATA - GENGETONE LOVE (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

HAL 1 حال

Written by : Oum El Ghaït Ben Essahraoui Composed by : Oum El Ghaït Ben Essahraoui & M-Carlos Art Work by : Oumaima Elmouatez Recorded in M-Carlos studio Paris Mixed by Sam Wheat Mastered by Simon Lancelot Original lyrics and translation Fr/Eng below Hal 1 حال خفت من اللي ما عرفت تلفت ملي عرفت خفت شفت راسي وقفت، طحت، سخفت دخت، خفت، وقفت خفت من اللي ما عرفت خفت ملي فھمت تلفت رجفت شفت حتى شفت، صحت، طحت خفت، فقت وقفت فایقة، شایفة، خایفة طفت في الوقت زحفت ضقت، عدفت حال طال، شحفت حتى من الأحلام نشفت حتى من الواني كشفت مضایقة، مخالفة، خایفة La peur m'a eue Celle de l'inconnu Je l'ai connue J'ai rampé dans un temps désert Erré en vain des heures sans fin Dans ce temps qui s'étend Où tout est défendu خفت حتى شرفت زعفت على شحال خفت تاسفت على شحال مت وحلفت, وعزمت، وحلفت وزعمت ونضت وقفت بحت بخوفي اللي ولفت عاودت على روحي عطفت قطفت ثمار ضعفي؛ نصفت نفسي بحت بخوفي اللي ولفت عاودت على راسي شفقت صرفت الخوف في الطریق وعسفت سرت نمشي J’ai eu peur, de l’inconnu Je me suis perdue quand j’ai su Je me suis vue m’arrêter, tomber, m’évanouir Dans ce vertige, j’ai eu peur Je me suis levée Peur de l’inconnu Peur quand j’ai compris Je me suis perdue, j’ai tremblé J’ai eu peur, me suis réveillée, me suis levée Éveillée – Lucide – Effrayée J’ai tourné dans le temps, j’ai rampé Oppressée, j’ai maudit ce climat qui s’éternise Même mes rêves ont tari Même mes couleurs ont pâli Dérangée – Différente – Effrayée La peur m’a eue Celle de l’inconnu Je l’ai connue J’ai rampé dans un temps désert Erré en vain, des heures sans fin Dans ce temps qui s’étend Où tout est défendu J’ai eu peur, j’en ai vieilli J’ai en horreur autant de peur Et le regret d’en dépérir J’ai juré, j’ai décidé Déterminée, je me suis relevée J’ai avoué mon addiction à la peur Retrouvé de l’affection pour mon âme Cueilli de ma faiblesse le fruit A mon être j’ai rendu justice J’ai avoué mon addiction à ma peur J’ai eu de la pitié pour moi-même Sur le chemin j’ai dépensé la peur Je me suis remise à marcher Afraid of the unknown Got lost when I found out Saw myself stop, fall down In this dizziness, I was afraid I got up Afraid of the unknown Afraid when I understood I got lost, I trembled I got scared, woke up, got up Awake – Lucid – Scared I turned in time, I crawled Oppressed, I cursed a situation that goes on forever Even my dreams have dried up Even my colors have faded Disturbed – Different – Scared Fear got me Fear of the unknown I crawled in a desert time Wandered in vain Endless hours In this stretching time Where everything is forbidden Fear made me grow old I hated so much fear I felt sorry for dying from fear I swore, I decided Determined, I got up I confessed my addiction to fear Rediscovered affection for my soul Picked the fruit of my weakness To my being I have done justice I confessed my addiction to my fear I had pity for myself On the road I spent the fear Kept on walking

Sho Madjozi - Shahumba (Official Music Video) ft. Thomas Chauke

"What A Life" available at: Follow Sho Madjozi: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: (C) 2021 Black Cinderella, Inc. under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment #ShoMadjozi #ThomasChauke #WhatALife

Ténéré - How I Feel ft. Clara Sergent (Monomite Remix)


Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN - Ngaminke (Official Music Video)

Les Mamans du Congo & RROBIN - Ngaminke Release date : March, 11, 2021 Commander l'album en vinyle et CD digipack: https://lesmamansducongo.bandcamp.c... Streaming : Chanter pour émanciper la femme africaine. Une rencontre unique entre les berceuses bantu du Congo, les musiques électroniques et le hip-hop. Un projet hybride qui fait la part belle à la danse et qui met en lumière le quotidien de la femme congolaise d'une façon audacieuse et surtout connectée avec son temps. Facebook Les Mamans du Congo : Rrobin : #matrimoine #emancipation #congo ___________________________________________________________________________________ Musique : // Composed by Robin BASTIDE // Written by Gladys SAMBA // Mixed by Céline FREZZA @Rumble Inn // Mastering by Alex PSAROUDAKIS // Artwork by Hélène BERTHOLIER // Producer : Jarring Effects Label // Publishing : Jarring Effects Label Clip : // Directed by Flore ONISSAH // First Assistant : Big Kloz // Color grading : Nebularts Production Projet initié et soutenu par l’Institut Français du Congo et la Coopérative de Mai _______________________________________________ Lyrics : Mti wa mla Bu wa mena ga ndeko mamba Wu geni mbutuEee mama Lemba mama Ngana nzila mama Lemba Na kota kwani ku sangi mama Leee Ku sangi ni kota Nzié tiamuzuni bala ba nkuni mama Lemba Na bala ba malombo ni kwe tombé Na bala ba bimpompolo mama Lemba Mboko gana banda gana Ge teko tsia maa Lemba Ni gana ni tékéla mwa mamba Mti wa mla wa mla wa mla wa mlaMti wa mla Bu wa mena ga ndeko mamba Wa geni mbutuNkuni ni tomba mama Lemba Nziendi na lamba mwana yaka ee Tiamuzuna ni tiamuzuna zoo za yuma Nziendi na lamba mwana yaka Mboko na bala ba malombo ni kwe tombé Na mwa mfumbu ni kwe tombé Gana teko gaana mti we gana wa mla Wa mla wa mla wa mla ma Lemba ee Ah mama ngana nzila dolokolo diaku mama Lemba Mti wa mla Bu wa mena ga ndeko mamba Wa geni mbutuMti wa mla Nsia diambu wa ye menena Ga ndekoso mamba Diambu di ka ye menena Ga ndekoso mamba Ni diambu dia mtoto Mu bungu mtoto we ga ndekoso mamba We na tsiototo na lubutu Diambu ni dio ka ye menena Ga ndekoso mamba Mamba mena na dzunu Dzunu tsio ni tsio Tsi ganaka lamu kwe bantu Bu nwa mamba dzunu tsia mtima tsi kotélé Mukelo wo wu lu ta wa wu ta kelomoka Tsiena teko tsia maa Lemba tsié ku mbamu Teko tsina tsié bonso mkento Mukento ebu wu tama ta Ni mwa nto fia fioti Mboko mkelo wo wa maa Lemba C’est une petite source qui étanche La soif des hommes et des bêtes Tala ti mukelo wo wa maa Lemba Ni wo w u ganaka dzunu kwe bisi mbamu Gekabo beto bansoni tsi ta ba Moria mti wo wa mla Wa ye menena ga ndekoso mukelo Ni wa gana mbutu Mbutu zina ni zina zi sansaka makanda Maa nkama kulu mo mee gana tsibelo tsina

Xenia Rubinos - "Did My Best"

Listen to the full album: "Did My Best" by @Xenia Rubinos from the album 'Una Rosa', available now Order at Director & Editor: Mario Rubén Carrión Assistant Director: Maria del Mar Rosario Gaffer: Carmelo Varela Colorist: Elliott Powell Hair & Makeup: Paula Bloise Salas Choreography: Kate Watson Wallace Styling: Chip Cordelli Mera Nena: Marco Buccelli Artist: Xenia Rubinos Artist Manager: Stephanie Orentas Actor: Renan Machado Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #xeniarubinos #didmybest #antirecords

Lido Pimienta - "Coming Thru"

Listen to the full album: "Coming Thru" by Lido Pimienta from the album 'Miss Colombia,' available now Order at Lyrics Ya no quería no dormía y aun yo fui ya no adoraba y fuiste tu quien no podía cáete y levántate enseguida y no me pidas que te llame no te rescatare mas nunca por ultima vez te llamo mejor ponte muy bien las pilas coming true, coming through, coming… Resucitaban a los santos, les salvaste a ella la vida y te entregaban los cristales, pa ver si tu ahora llevas vida y no me pidas que te llame no te rescatare mas nunca por ultima vez te llamo, mejor ponte muy bien las pilas + There was no more sleeping, I didn't show up for it, nor adoration but in the end it was you who wasn't able to show up when you fall down you need to get up again And don't ask me to call you I am not rescuing you anymore this is the last time you will get a call from me you better get it together! Saints were brought back to life, you saved her life got the crystals handed to you, to ensure there's life inside of you and please dont tell me to call you back im not rescuing you anymore for the last time, you willl hear from me you better get it together CREDITS Orly Anan Studio CREW Art producer Mariana Rodríguez @mariana.roor Masks and props Hugo Figueroa @hfiol Jesús Molina & Nadja crosina @nadyabusiness Costumes Seamstress/Costurera Yolanda Montoya Karla Donato Makeup and Nail-art @roho7 Mariana Pama Hair/Adornments @interdimensionalife Ricardo Arenas Styling/jewels @ricardoa_v Agradecimientos/Thank you Erika Krutzfeldt Zahira Bad Dominicana Checky Berto Rixi Songmess Catalina Ruiz-Navarro Ireri Romero Gustavo Cerquera Benjumea Andres Landau Tia Jenny Miss Mata Aunty Jess Agradecimiento especial Memo Morales y todo nuestro equipo en CDMX Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #lidopimienta #misscolombia #antirecords

Ibeyi -- Recurring Dream

Recurring Dream: Music from the film How To Stop A Recurring Dream Stream track here: Watch film here: Cast: Ruby Barker. Lily-Rose Aslandogdu. Jamie Michie. Miranda Nolan. Andre Flynn. Adam Hugill. Director: Ed Morris Producer: Polly Du Plessis. Production company: Riff raff Cinematographer: Ivan Bird Editor: Flaura Atkinson. Production designer: Freya Espie. Art director: Samuel Otis Smith Wardrobe: Camille Adomakoh Make up: Zoe Sharman Production manager: Alice Windeler First AD: Richard Stanley Jan Harris Second Ad: Paul Morris Location manager: Andrew Hamilton. Continuity: Kyla Simone Bruce Titles: Jon Hollis Titles: Dylan Kendall

Mawimbi - Fôli Kadi (feat. Fatim Kouyaté)

Fôli Kadi », nouvel extrait de leur premier album qui verra le jour au printemps. PAM vous propose d’écouter en avant-première ce single riche en émotions. Article : PAM Webzine → Facebook → Twitter → Instagram →
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