Visions of Sound – A Look & Listen Back to 2019

Visions of Sound…Best of 2019 cover

Another year has ended, and another season of Visions of Sound has closed too. Our section dedicated to (some) of the best video clips from the world music world has reached its third year, so, as we did in 2018, we wanted to recall some of the visual and musical gems we had the pleasure to watch and experience throughout 2019.

Listen with your eyes!

ASM - Honey feat. Chinese Man (Music Video)

ASM - Honey feat. Chinese Man From "Color Wheel", available here : Follow & Stream ASM : Réalisé par High Ku, Vincent DELPECH, Fred & Annabelle. Sur une idée originale de High Ku. Images et animations : Vincent DELPECH et Fred & Annabelle. Produit par Chinese Man Records - 2019. Taken from ASM new album "Color Wheel". Réalisé avec le soutien de la SPPF. Rhymes: Green, FP Beat: RHINO, Chinese Man Contains a sample of «Ala Dalouna» performed by Sabah & N. Shamsh Eldine - Licensed courtesy of A. CHAHINE & FILS __________ LYRICS : Why not? Might just gotta try it out Why not? Might just gotta try it out Why not? I just might just gotta try it out Try it out. Why not? Try it out Folklore summons coming from the farthest reaches sound the horn, ha Hoards for the stomping of the scorched earth harvest of the corn, ha Gather round, gather round Call to the lost and the found And he wears a five-spiked crown, tell ‘em From the top of the cerebellum Initiate the god sequence  MLD come to officiate the off-seeing  Slick hawking but I'm not Steven  Serve a swerved curveball, topspin like Venus or Serena Williams Millions and millions of fine filaments simmering In the path of the Mistral, Marseille to Languedoc Forecast gale force non-stop Better summon all your flock to the rock when the bomb drops   CHORUS Why? Why not? Try it out Gather round, gather round Call to the lost and the found And he wears a five-spiked crown tell ‘em From the top of the cerebellum Thick Honey glazed symphony  Sun rays glisten on the surface of the ancient sea Wind whistles over waves like a melody  Age of the centipede … M-L-D Coming through your city murder them gently Got plenty plenty bangers and the natty bottles Just to make your fatty wobble wrote it like a trashy novel We keep it knocking like a sassy brothel,  Eat Pakistani waffles, I see you've swallowed all the tangy awful Soon or later get your granny ogled wearing these new brandy goggles Sing it like a modern day gospel a la Andy Warhol, go pick up your sandy golf ball CHORUS Why not? Might just gotta try it out Why not? I just might just gotta try it out Folklore summons coming from the farthest reaches sound the horn Hoards for the harvest of the corn Stomping the lawn to build the foundation   Calm is the sea As he holds a handful of pomegranate seeds Still water runs deep, low-tide coast-liner Part-time ghostwriter, full time gold miner Old timer, still hate po-niner, Co-sign a deal to hit em with the clothes-liner Iron out the ting, heads are now about to ring Slept on the announcement yo, a Jester cannot joust a king CHORUS __________ More on #ASM #ColorWheel #CMR

Aziza Brahim - Hada jil (official video)

CD/LP: Digital: Release Date: 15/11/2019 Glitterbeat Records On the front cover of Aziza Brahim’s new album, Sahari, a young girl poses in ballet shoes and a glistening white tutu. It’s a common childhood scene, but it’s tipped upside down. She’s not privileged and the backdrop isn’t a comfortable suburban home. She’s an exile, living nowhere near her homeland, and behind her stand the tents and buildings of a refugee camp. There’s a desert on the ground and a burning sky above. Yet even in this bleakness, she has optimism. She believes in a better future. The music Aziza Brahim makes reflects both the sorrow and the hope of these people. She grew up in one of those camps in the Algerian desert, along with thousands of other Saharwai who were removed from their homes in the Western Sahara. The refugee camp was the place that formed her. It lives in her every heartbeat. Her grandmother was a famous Saharwai poet, her mother well-known as a vocalist, and they passed their strength and fearlessness to her. Now, as one of North African most lauded singers, Brahim uses her position to make the plight of her people known – and of the refugees across the world who have no choice but to exist in the camps. Sahari is for them as much as it’s for her own family. The political remains intensely personal for Brahim. She lives in exile, in Spain, and the music for Sahari – her third album for Glitterbeat - was written there. And while her songs remain grounded in her homeland, her gaze is increasingly global. To achieve that, Brahim worked with the acclaimed Spanish artist Amparo Sánchez of the band Amparanoia on the album’s pre-production, and the collaboration has made a transformative impact on the music. The focus is broader, with programming and keyboards a vital part of the new sound. “Amparo is an artist I’ve always admired,” Brahim observes. “She suggested introducing electronics, and that meant recording in a different way. Before, we’d record everything live. This time we all worked in different studios then put the pieces together. I produced the album, the first time I’ve done that since Mabruk in 2012, and it was a very difficult job, a very interesting challenge: to work in a new way yet make your own songs sound exactly as you want.” When Brahim began as a composer, her work reflected her own reality, growing up in the far, rocky desert known as the hamada. These days she’s become a voice for refugees across the globe, and what she sees every day on the news has inevitably affected her writing. “The normalisation of injustice is something that the Saharawis know well,” she observes. “By addressing that in the songs, I’m trying to fight against the prejudices some people have. We all see tragic news caused by the policies of reactionary governments. Of course that’s influenced the writing of the songs on this new album. How could it not?” And one of the most powerful pieces on Sahari is a cry for home from someone caught in the flux of exile. “Ard El Hub,” Brahim explains, speaks of “the impossibility of returning to the homeland for us. The lyrics of the song are by Zaim Alal, a great Saharawi poet. I saw him the last time I was in the refugee camps, and he wrote this poem for me to sing.”

Angel Bat Dawid - "Impepho" [official video]

Directed by: Amir George Cinematography by: Anansi Knowbody Assistant Camera: Troy Lewis Grip and Gaffer: Mandela Hudson & Taha Produced by: The Grace of the Ancestors Edited by: Tone Poem Titles: Blunt Objects The Players: Aquarius Cat Mahari Eliel Sherman Storey Liz Gomez Xris Espinosa Vincent Davis Adam Zanolini Isaiah Collier Moonbones Evolutionary "Impepho" from Angel Bat Dawid's International Anthem debut "The Oracle"

Avantdale Bowling Club - 'Home'

Listen to Home: _____________________ The function of this work is to deconstruct the concept of home. Siri will tell you that home is 'a place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household' yet the main subject of this short documentary does not fit that criteria. Gum Wetnhiak was displaced from what he knew as home as a child. With his brothers and mother he immigrated as a refugee from war-torn South Sudan in 2003 to start a new life in post colonial Australia. In this piece Gum takes us through a day in his life and into his new home in the Collingwood commission flats while constructing for us his own definition of home. We would like to send our most sincere thanks to Gum and the entire Wetnhiak family for their time. Thank you. __________________________________________________ produced by Tom Scott & Hearken Films cinematography by Benjamin Bryan edited by Caitlin Bryan titles by Elliot Walsh Thanks to the Wetnhiak family, Yarra Youth Centre, Dead On Sound

Black Alien - Que Nem o Meu Cachorro (Clipe Oficial)

Que Nem o Meu Cachorro - Black Alien Letra e voz Black Alien Produzido por Papatinho Gravado por Papatinho & Choppinho no Papatunes Studios Mixagem & Masterização por 2F UFLOW no Papatunes Studios Produção Executiva Marina Dee e Gustavo Black Alien para Extrapunk Extrafunk Entretenimento Editora Extrapunk Extrafunk Ent / Sony ATV Lançamento: 14/03/2019 Roteiro: Gustavo Black Alien Produtora: Extrapunk Extrafunk Ent Direção e Edição: Premier King Filme Crew: Fernando Tavares, Rafo Dachuva Produção: Marina Dee Making off: Ygor Simões Fotos: Deko Araújo Assistente de Produção: Andrea Lobato, NatáliaFogosi Beleza: Kerol Barbosa Figurino: Nicole Simon, Victor Saito Transfer: Adrivan Locadora Produção de Elenco: Marco Antônio Marcondes Preparação de Elenco: Sergio Santilli Elenco: Allan Gustavo Celso Pelicano Fernando Rodrigues Felipe Giordani Frank Domingos Gabriel Nunes Juliano Algusto Julio Cesar Ferreira João Berlato Leandro de Souza Marco Antônio Marcondes Mauricio Lourenço Sergio Santilli Thiago Luis Batista Willis Menezes Santos O cochilo da tarde é meu xodó do momento Nem quica A vida é tombo em pista de cimento “Black Alien já vai tarde, já passou o seu momento” Significa, que o cidadão não tem conhecimento Da força, da fé, da febre, e da fibra Nessas portas meto o pé, enquanto a galera vibra Me preocupa é o celular que vibra ao lado do meu saco O resto todo que dá câncer, eu já vou lançar no vácuo Ingrato, não é o que tu fala que diz quem tu és Come e cospe no prato, depois vêm dizer “Jah Bless” Se custar a minha paz, já custou caro demais Pela sacos aqui jaz Black Alien aqui jazz Criado no Ingá Chapado demais pra um dia me vingar Sim, Sensei, eu sem paciência pra debate Zung Guzung Gu Zen pique flow marijuana e abacate Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, favela, morro, tô que nem o meu cachorro no domínio do latim Brooklin, Nova York, Soho, tô que nem cachorro, suando só no ‘fucim’ Só não vêm ‘facim’, se não qualquer um desenvolvia É tempo de templo, só rato cinza na via O que vêm ‘facim’ presta não se envolvia Do sol da meia noite até o sol do meio dia. Refrão Cria do Ingá Chapado demais pra um dia me vingar Sim, Sensei, eu sem paciência pra debate Zung Guzung Gu Zen pique flow marijuana e abacate Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, favela, morro, tô que nem o meu cachorro no domínio do latim Nem tão longe pra tu chegar aqui de mala Nem de longe é tão perto, que pode vim de chinelo Nem de longe eu virei monge, apenas parei de dá pála, vagabundo fala um monte, são pregos pro meu martelo Bem vindo ao meu lar, cuidado pra não tropeçar, a mesa ainda tá aqui, porém mudei certezas de lugar Num mundo que produz prodígios bizarros Que produzem seus discos, dirigem os seus carros Minha diversão de homem, alegria de menino, que produz o que consome, todos temos nossos hinos Pronuncia o meu nome, sinônimo: genuíno Bota a cara e testa a fome, meus felinos tem caninos Sem disposição não fico, sem disposição fica no meio do caminho entre eu e eu rico Ambos são ambição, e ninguém sabe quem são, e nós somos a canção que vêm da zona de conflito Pois a zona de conflito é minha zona de conforto, e a estrada pro inferno se desce de ponto morto, então parou com a zona. Refrão Cria do Ingá Chapado demais pra um dia me vingar Sim, Sensei, eu sem paciência pra debate Zung Guzung Gu Zen pique flow marijuana e abacate Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, favela, morro, tô que nem o meu cachorro no domínio do latim Não tem como funcionar, vai sempre dar ruim pra você Bocas mexem “blá blá blá”, e eu só faço o que tem que fazer Não tô nem aí, nem lá, tô bem aqui, além do que se vê Se vêm baseado no passado, só há um resultado: 'Cê' vai se fuder Porque eu sou o agora Eu sou o agora Instagram: @blackalienofficial Facebook: @blackalienofficial Twitter: @BAlienofficial Shows e infos:

Blick Bassy - Ngwa (Official)

New Album 1958: Watch the 1958 series: 1958 TOUR: _____ 1955. People all over Africa are rising up and proclaiming freedom. When a new independence movement blossoms in Cameroon, the reaction of the French colonial administration is swift and brutal. France’s main adversary is a man called Ruben Um Nyobè, a trade union leader, orator, humanist and visionary. A man of his aura, intelligence and courage seems destined to join Nelson Mandela in the hall of African heroes. Instead, he's hunted down by the colonial army and butchered in 1958, his body buried in concrete to better erase his memory. For years, the horror of this ‘hidden war’ and the fate of its heroic leader are smothered under a pall of enforced amnesia. Blick Bassy has dedicated his latest album, '1958', to Ruben Um Nyobè and the heroes of the Cameroonian Independence, in the hope of breaking that silence forever and reconnecting the people with their true history. Tebogo Malope (South African music Awards best music video 2018 with « Spirit ») says « The narrative of this heroic leader Ruben Um Nyobe is one that resonates throughout the continent. A continent still grappling with the legacy of colonialism and the attempts to redress the consequences thereof. The visual approach of the video seeks to be a meditation on our leadership as a continent, what could have been if some hadn’t been massacred, what is? Because of the might of imperial Europe, What should be? And what hope do we have moving forward? This is echoed in the first couple of scenes which resemble the first chapter of Kenya’s renowned Author Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s book Matigari where a freedom fighter is spotted laying down his arms for a supposed prosperous future where bloodshed shall be no more, will he regret the decision? Another visual representation at the end spawns from the images of a lifeless freedom fighter turning into a tree reminiscent of South African political icon Solomon Mahlangu who was killed by the Apartheid government, who’s last words before his death were "My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom.” The song seeks to reconnect the Cameroonian people with their history, the visuals attempt to draw parallels between Cameroonian history and the history of Africa as a whole.» ---- À propos du clip, le réalisateur Tebogo Malope explique : « L’histoire de Ruben Um Nyobé a une résonance sur tout le continent Africain, toujours aux prises avec son héritage post colonial. Que serait-il arrivé si certains leaders de sa trempe n’avaient pas été massacrés ? Quel espoir pour nous d’aller de l’avant ? Je me suis inspiré dans les premières scènes du clip du livre Matigari du célèbre auteur Kenyan Ngugi Wa Thiongo, dans lequel un combattant de la liberté dépose les armes dans l’espoir d'un avenir prospère, sans effusion de sang. Regrettera-t-il sa décision ? A la fin, les images d’un combattant de la liberté sans vie se transformant en arbre rappellent celles de l’icône politique Sud Africaine Solomon Mahlangu, tué par le gouvernement de l’Apartheid et dont les dernières paroles furent : « mon sang nourrira l'arbre qui portera les fruits de la liberté » La chanson de Blick cherche à rétablir le lien entre le peuple camerounais et son histoire. Les images de cette video tentent de faire le parallèle entre l’histoire camerounaise et l’histoire de l’Afrique dans son ensemble.» **** Production Company: The Star Film Co Director: Tebza Executive Producer: Ksenija Strydom-Micic Co-Producers: Nomtha Dano and Mbuyi Makanda Art Direction and Costume Designer: Tamzyn Botha DP: Justus de Jager Post Production: Left Post Production Editor: Saki “Fokken” Bergh Colourist: Keno Post Production: Geppetto’s Workshop VFX: Gui Felix Animation: Yolandi Meiring Final Mix: Louis Enslin **** 2019 TOUR 17.05.2019 DORTMUND (DE) KLANGVOKAL Musikfestival Dortmund 01.06.2019 ANGOULEME (FR) Festival Musiques Métisses 2019 09.06.2019 NIJMEGEN (NL) Music Meeting 11.06.2019 LISBOA (PT) Teatro da Trindade 28.06.2019 MONTREAL (CA) Festival Intl de Jazz de Montréal 29.06.2019 VANCOUVER (CA) Vancouver International Jazz Festival 30.06.2019 NYC (US) Summer Stage NYC 03.07.2019 GHENT (BE) Gent Jazz Festival 09.07.2019 LAUSANNE (CH) Festival de la Cité Lausanne 19.07.2019 SALISBURY (UK) Larmer Tree Festival 20.07.2019 LYON (FR) Festival Les Nuits de Fourvière 28.07.2019 AULNOYE AYMERIES (FR) Les Nuits Secrètes 03.08.2019 FLOREFFE (BE) ESPERANZAH! **** Follow Blick Bassy ©2019 Nø Førmat! / tôt Ou tard #BlickBassy

Burna Boy - Another Story (feat. M.anifest) [Official Music Video]

Burna Boy - Another Story (feat. M.anifest) [Official Music Video] Stream/Download: Love, Damini: Subscribe for more official content from Burna Boy: Follow Burna Boy Website : Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: TikTok: Triller: Listen to Burna Boy YouTube: Soundcloud: Apple Music: Spotify: Deezer: Boomplay: The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist Burna Boy. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more. #BurnaBoy #AnotherStory #AfricanGiant

Chaka Khan - Hello Happiness

'Hello Happiness' Available now: Follow Chaka Khan: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Music video by Chaka Khan performing Hello Happiness. © 2019 Diary Records Inc, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited

Cimarrón - Tonada de la palomita (Official Music Video)

“Tonada de la Palomita” by Cimarrón from the Latin Grammy Nominated Album ORINOCO. 🎵 Play and download ORINOCO here: Spotify Youtube Music iTunes Apple Music Deezer 🎵 Follow Cimarrón! Official website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Spotify: Letra Interpretada por Cimarrón Álbum: Orinoco (2019) Palomita, palomita Párate con atención Recibe cuatro palabras De este pobre corazón Palomita, nube de agua El pensamiento se acaba Y se muere el corazón En lo que nunca se muere Te llevo escondida yo Palomita, nube de agua Paloma, no salgas fuera Mira que soy cazador Que si te tiro y te mato, paloma Para mí será el dolor Palomita, nube de agua Si te preguntan quién canta No digas que ese fui yo Diles que cantó en tu rama Turpial madrugador Palomita, nube de agua These are Cerros de Mavecure, three marvelous monoliths hidden in Colombian Amazonian jungle. In the heights of this Indigenous spiritual mountains, over the fury of the Inírida River, a beautiful song called “Tonada de la Palomita” evokes of cow-milking songs that peasants from the Plains of Orinoco took as heritage from ethnical oral traditions. Directed by Jeremiah. Production consultancy and audio mixing by Samuel Lizarralde. #CerrosDeMavicure #Amazonas #Orinoco

Dengue Dengue Dengue - Decajón (feat. Prisma & Martin Boder)

New album 'Zenit & Nadir' is out now: Video Credits: Director and Executive Producer: Mikael Stornfelt With: Miguel Ballumbrosio, Vladymyr Coronado, Victor Herrera, José Cartagena Production: Ana Torres DOP: Piero Varda Art Direction: Marissa Nuñez Art Assistant: Luis Quintanilla Make-up: Luciana Salomon Wardrobe: Mayra Mendieta Production Assistant: Gabriela Lopez, Renata Orbe Logistics: Patricia Caval Gaffer: Gerald Gutiérrez 1st Camera Assistant: Cesar Vallejos 2nd Camera Assistant: Pedro Cenas Data Manager: Pablo Obregon Video Assist: Angel Malasquez Light Technician: Luis Herrera, Carlos Negar, Carlos Perez, Jimmy Benavides Dolly Operator: Silvio Valdez Props: Anibal Mejia, Omar Mejia Set Design: Jairo Novella, Luis Huanaco, Rodolfo Herrera Catering: Harold Ormeño, Nelbi Souza Generator: Juan Mullisaca Editing: Juan Pablo Quiroz Post and Coloring: Gino Amadori Song Credits: Written by Felipe Salmon, Rafael Pereira, Nicolas di Bernardo, Martin Biderman Produced and mixed by Dengue Dengue Dengue Guitar: Martin Biderman Congas: Miguel Ballumbrosio Cajón: Pudy Ballumbrosio Vocals: Scott Mastered by Sam John Follow Dengue Dengue Dengue: • #DengueDengueDengue #Decajón #Enchufada

Désir & Fiorini, Soufle Van

réalisation - Maël G. Lagadec DOP - Thomas Schira décors - Iris Christidi costumes - Camélia Zaoudi maquillage - Ilona Arena montage - Sébastien Calvez étalonnage - Maxime Tellier Avec Renette Désir (chant) et Fabian Fiorini (piano) Avec la participation d'Aziza François, Camélia Zaoudi, Constantin Narcissot, Faïka Bernadeau, Lionel Cataldo réalisé avec le support de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles / Service des musiques non classiques production (c) Michael Wolteche label el NEGOCITO Records - eNR085


A song by Dom La Nena, released on 6 Degrees Records. Directed by Jeremiah with the complicity of Etienne Saglio and his ghosts Produced by Oleo Films & Sabiá With the support of CNC, FCM and Le Centquatre-Paris Girls: Lou Cotterau, Lucille Thiebault, Garance Griotto, Nina Mergot Guillé Etienne Saglio assisted by Yohann Nayet DOPs : Robin Montrau & Toma Anirae Pointer : Caroline Guinbal Color grading : Pierre Laurent Costumes : Angele Micaux Make up and hair : Karen Haddad Props : Lola Aumont & Cyril Robert Producer : Samuel Thiebault for Oléo Films Produced and performed by Dom La Nena Mixed by Noah Georgeson

Dj Maphorisa x Kabza De Small ft Mhaw Keys - Koko

King of piano 'Kabza de Small' collab with the King of Producers ' Dj Maphorisa ft Mhaw Keys' Scorpion Kings 🦂 or 083 983 5413 Follow @Djmaphorisa on insta Follow @DjMaphorisa on twitter Follow @DJmaphorisa on facebook Follow @_kabzadesmall_ on insta Follow @KabzaDeSmall_ on twitter Follow @Kabzadesmall Follow @mhawkeys on insta Follow @Mhaw keys on facebook

Emicida - Pequenas alegrias da vida adulta part. Marcos Valle

Emicida - Pequenas alegrias da vida adulta part. Marcos Valle Música: Voz e letra: Emicida Participação especial: Marcos Valle Música: Nave e Mario Caldato Piano e Rhodes: Marcos Valle Programações: Nave, Marcio Caldato e Teo Guedes Percussão, synth e backvocal: Roberto Schilling Pollo Guitarra: Fejuca Gravadora: Laboratório Fantasma Direção Geral: Evandro Fióti Produção executiva: Raissa Fumagalli Assistente de produção executiva: Lohana Schalken Mixagem: Maurício Cersosimo Masterização: Maurício Gargel Preparação vocal Emicida: Thiago Jamelão Guitarra gravada por Nave no estúdio Ma Ninja Voz Emicida gravada por Tofu Valsechi e Funai no Lab Estúdio Mario Caldato, Roberto Schilling Pollo e Teo Guedes gravados no MCJ Studio em LA Marcos Valle gravado por Arthur Luna no estúdio Cia dos Técnicos. Vídeo: Direção: Fred Ouro Preto 1º assistente de direção: Edu Reis 2º assistente de direção: Jaque Vieira Direção de fotografia: Caio Nigro e padu Palmeiro 1º assistente de câmera: Peterson Lomovtov 2º assistente de câmera: Paulo Rodrigues Logger: Vitor Alvez Elenco: Ailton Graça, Mirella Cristina, Lauren Lima, Deusdete Amaral, Damarel Alves, Caio Rocha e Renato Basili Pós produção: Btfly Coletivo Montador: Ganso Color grading: Btfly Coeltivo Colorista: Luana Nepomuceno Chefe de elétrica (gaffer): Adilson Rodrigues Chefe de maquinária: Julio Garcia Assistente de elétrica: Jonathan Brayan, Aliandro Zoti e Alessandro Gomes Assistente de maquinária: Reinaldo Chijo Direção de produção: Hanna Chagas Assistente de produção: Arabi Mesquita Ajudante de produção: Katia Oliveira Produtor de casting: Regina Ferreira e Peri Alves Produtor de locação: Max de Araújo Estrutura de locação: Casa do Produtor Diretor de arte: Igor Marawaki 1º assistente de arte: Alexandre Yassu Ajudante de arte: Ricardo Queiroz e Rafael Venancio Beleza: Tibby Ramos Assistente de beleza: Thiana Martins Figurinista: Dario Mittmann Assistente de figurino: Yasmin Monteiro Camareira: Camila Barbosa Platô: Leandro Dias Coordenador de transporte: Felipe Dudu Motoristas: Guilherme Santana, Rodrigo Viana, Eric Roberto, Alecsandro Queiroz e Elmo Alves Segurança: ESC Fonsecca Segurança Catering: Moreno Goes Agradecimentos: Bigo Box, MonsterCam e Astúrias Park Letra: Deve ser ter cuidado ao passar no trapézio Memo que pese o desespero dos novos tempos Se um like serve ao ódio, bro, nesse episódio Breve, o bom senso diz: - respire um momento É sobre aprender, tipo giz e lousa O espírito repousa Reza e volta 100% Cale tudo que o mundo fale Pensa em quanto a vida vale Seja luz desse dia cinzento E ela disse: - Deus te acompanhe pretin, bom dia Me deu um beijo e virou poesia Deus te acompanhe pretin E um lampejo de amor explodiu em alegria Deus te acompanhe pretin Volta pra noiz como um camisa dez, após o gol Meu peito rufa, o olho brilha Isso é ter uma família, minha alma disse: - demoro Então, eu vou... Bater de frente com tudo por ela Topar qualquer luta Pelas pequenas alegrias da vida adulta eu vou, ô ô ô ô Eu vou.. Pro front como um guerreiro Nem que seja pra enfrentar o planeta inteiro Correr a maratona, chegar primeiro E gritar: - é por você amor Eu vou... Bater de frente com tudo por ela Topar qualquer luta Pelas pequenas alegrias da vida adulta eu vou, ô ô ô ô Eu vou.. Pro front como um guerreiro Nem que seja pra enfrentar o planeta inteiro Correr a maratona, chegar primeiro E gritar: - é por você amor É um sábado de paz onde se dorme mais O gol da virada, quase que nóiz rebaixa Emendar um feriado nesses litorais Encontrar uma tapauer que a tampa ainda encaixa Mais cedo brotou o alecrim Em segredo, tava com jeito que ia dar capim Ela reclama do azedo Recolhe os brinquedo Triunfo hoje pra mim É o azul do boletim Uma boa promoção de fralda nessas drogaria O faz me rir da hora extra vinda do serviço Presentes feito com guache, crepom, lembram meu dia Penso que os sonhos de Deus devem ser tipo isso Então, eu vou... Bater de frente com tudo por ela Topar qualquer luta Pelas pequenas alegrias da vida adulta eu vou, ô ô ô ô Eu vou.. Pro front como um guerreiro Nem que seja pra enfrentar o planeta inteiro Correr a maratona, chegar primeiro E gritar: - é por você amor Eu vou... Bater de frente com tudo por ela Topar qualquer luta Pelas pequenas alegrias da vida adulta eu vou, ô ô ô ô Eu vou.. Pro front como um guerreiro Nem que seja pra enfrentar o planeta inteiro Correr a maratona, chegar primeiro E gritar: - é por você amor

Ekiti Sound - Testify (English Subtitles)

@ekitisound feat @real1official Track ID: Testify Album: Abeg No Vex Label: @CrammedDiscs Dir: Leke Chif Awoyinka DOP: David Wyte Producer: Ajifa Atiluku Edit Asst: Mohammed Jose Location: Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria Featuring: Odion Iruoje , Abiodun Wurasamba Oke , Tajudeen Karimu, Yaya Aliyu Many thanks to everyone involved in this video, especially to Joseph and the Prophecy Studios team. “We killin the show!” Loading credit From debut album "Abeg No Vex" Buy/stream : Follow Ekiti Sound : Director” Leke “Chif” Awoyinka Prod Co: Vraaam Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Fat Freddy's Drop Special Edition (Official Music Video)

No worries in the party, 'Special Edition' music video featuring the return of Freddys marionette band vs Baby Dorge & a furry puppet posse. Everybody wants it, everybody needs it 'Special Edition'. #swaylikethis Chur Credits Fat Freddy's Drop 'Special Edition' Director - Mark Williams, D.O.P - Issac Newcombe, Camera Assistant - Angie Sanchez Villar, Editor - Ian Bennett. A huge thanks to all the great puppeteers, crew & facility at Whoa! Studios in Auckland, NZ Marionette/Puppet Builders - Jon Coddington, Paul Lewis, Rebekah Head Puppeteers - Jon Coddington, Paul Lewis, Rebekah Head, Chye-Ling Huang, Kelly Gilbride, Edwin Beats, Ryan Dulieu, Terry Hooper, Evie Hooper, Alanah Pearce, Renee Mahy, Holly Gibbs ---------------------------- New Album 'Special Edition Part 1' Out Now ---------------------------- Follow Freddy's at: Upcoming Tours: Merch: ----------------------------

Fuse ODG - Zombie (NEW Exclusive Video)

New Album "New Africa Nation" OUT NOW on all platforms Stream here - Get ready to move and Enjoy this new banger from Africa's finest Fuse ODG entitled 'Zombie'. This is taken from Fuse ODG's highly anticipated album New Africa Nation OUT NOW. SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE and continue to support the New Africa Nation. It's a worldwide movement... @FuseODG

Hiromi - Mr. C.C. (Official Video)

Hiromi - Mr. C.C. (Official Video) Hiromi's new solo piano album, “Spectrum”, is out now! Buy or stream ”Spectrum": Director: Takaumi Furuhashi Follow Hiromi: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Follow Concord Jazz: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Charlie Chaplin ™ © Bubbles Incorporated SA 2019* #Hiromi #MrCC #Spectrum #Jazz

Insolito UniVerso - Lloviendo en Guatire

Lloviendo en Guatire - Insolito UniVerso Maria Fernanda Ruette, lead voice / cuatro - Raul Monsalve, bass / vocals - Edgar Bonilla, keyboards / vocals - Andrés Sequera, drums / vocals Album "La Candela del Rio", Olindo Records, 2018 Music and Lyics: Maria Fernanda Ruette Produced by Macolm Catto, Raul Monsalve and Edgar Bonilla Mixed by Malcolm Catto at Quatermass Sound Lab, London - Recorded by Frank Williams and Bernard Natier at Studio Garage La Fugitive, Paris Art and storyboard: Maria Fernanda Ruette - Photography and editing: Anastasia Bly - Assistance : Camille Chauvet - Editing : Ingar Lieber Garcia Esta es la hora toda, ésta, la orilla del ahora En fuera, en dentro, encierra, entreabre : esta es la piel de cada gota Este es el orbe todo, este el ruedo del toro En fuera, en dentro, encierra, entreabre : esta es la miel de todo poro. Llegué a la hora, al patio que me dijiste, al cuarto descubierto donde me esperaste, brillando en la humedad Mira como bebe, mira como cuenta el umbral de esta ventana cada onda del charco salpicando y dando su saludo redondo Llueve afuera, llueve el colmo, estan lloviendo en Guatire las peras del olmo

Joey Le Soldat - J'ai mal au Congo (Clip Officiel)

Joey Le Soldat - J'ai Mal Au Congo (Clip Officiel) Filmé et réalisé par Adama Yatt Produit, mixé, masterisé par L Rey, Studio X8 Extrait de "FAASO" EP SORTIE LE 14 DECEMBRE 2019 Follow Joey Le Soldat : Follow Studio X8 / Red Lebanese: JOEY LE SOLDAT /// BIOGRAPHIE Biberonné au Rap US et français d'un côté et aux paroles des griots africains de l'autre, Joey le Soldat est petit-fils de tirailleur et fils d'un militant indépendantiste époque Sankara. En 2010, il sort diplômé en Lettres Modernes de l'Université de Ouagadougou et remporte le clash d'improvisation du festival Waga Hip Hop. Pendant trois ans, il enchaîne les petits boulots comme jardinier et donne des cours aux enfants de son quartier. Le samedi soir, il monte des sounds system. En 2014 - 2015, grâce au succès de son album "Burkin Bâ", la popularité de Joey le Soldat grandit en Europe. (...Mais aussi notamment auprés de la jeunesse burkinabè qui renverse le président Campaoré à la tête du Burkina Fao depuis 1987 !). Joey devient dans le même temps "Ambassadeur de la Marche contre Monsanto". JOEY LE SOLDAT /// BIOGRAPHY Joey le Soldat is the grandson of a sharpshooter and the son of an independence militant fighter, raised with American rap in one ear and the words of traditional African storytelling musicians in the other. In 2010 he graduated in Modern Letters from the University of Ouagadougou, and won the Improvised Clash rap battle at the Waga Hip Hop Festival. He worked as a gardener and taught the children in his neighbourhood, while running sound systems and block parties on Saturday nights. After the release of his first album “Burkin Bâ” in 2014, Joey’s popularity grew in Europe, while his fame exploded in Burkina Faso as he joined a massive youth uprising overthrowing President Campaoré, a ruler who had held power for 27 years. Joey continued to bring the fight with his activism as an official Ambassador of the March Against Monsanto in 2015.

Joy Crookes - Don't Let Me Down (Demo)

Stream my 'Reminiscence' EP here: Come follow me on Spotify: Sign up to hear music and live news first: Follow Joy Crookes: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LYRICS : Wandering eyes I see them all the time While we roam east to west Just for you in my Sunday’s best Do those looks mean much more? Cos you’re so far from home The crack in your eye Invited all of this light I know you’re the type to tip waiters with all your emotions But don’t you forget Saw you crawl into my bed Don’t Let Me Down x2 Rolling up Cos my high is never enough In the night I set my legs open Made sure all my defences were broken Now you’re fleeting Like the smoke Or our summers on Spanish coasts I had to light a cigarette Just to get you off of my chest I know you’re the type to tip waiters with all your emotions But don’t you forget Saw you crawl into my bed Don’t Let Me Down x2 Please don’t let me down Oh please don’t Please don’t Please don’t Let me down I said

Jungle - Smile

Listen to Jungle's new album 'Loving In Stereo' now: 'Smile' is taken from Jungle's second album 'For Ever'. Buy & stream it here: A JFC Worldwide Production Directed by Josh Lloyd-Watson (@j.lloyd) & Charlie Di Placido (@charliediplacido) Director of Photography – Olly Wiggins (@olly10) Steadicam Operator - Luke Snowball Focus Puller _ Tom Askew Camera Assistant _ Matt Ward ‘Smile’ Starring Che Jones (@che_jones) Graded by Alex Gregory (@alexgregorycolour) at The Mill London (@mill_ldn) Producer @mill_ldn - Charlie Morris - @charlesedmorris Special thanks to Nile Rodgers, The South Bank Centre (@southbankcentre), Kz Creatives (@kzcreatives) , S+O Media (@sando_media) and Verdigris Management. Visit the Jungle store: Sign up to our newsletter: Follow Jungle: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Tik Tok: Spotify: Apple Music:

Kishi Bashi - Violin Tsunami (Official Video)

"Violin Tsunami" from Kishi Bashi off the album 'Omoiyari' out on Joyful Noise Recordings. Stream/Download/Purchase: Video Created by: Julia and Mike McCoy Tandem Media: With help from: Benjamin J. Strickland (Brian Box) For more information on the Japanese American Incarceration, visit: Info about the album 'Omoiyari':

Laurence Pike - Dance Of The Earth (Official Video)


La Yegros - Linda La Cumbia (Official Video)

La Yegros "Linda La Cumbia", taken from the new album 'Suelta' AVAILABLE HERE ☛ ● SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ☛ ● LA YEGROS ON TOUR ☛ ● STREAM, DOWNLOAD & BUY LA YEGROS DISCOGRAPHY ☛ FOLLOW LA YEGROS : ● FACEBOOK ☛ ● TWITTER ☛ ● INSTAGRAM ☛ "Linda La Cumbia" Songwriter : La Yegros Composer : La Yegros & King Coya Recorded and produced at Stomba Studio Mixed by King Coya Mastering by Andres Mayo Music Video by Al3ph : LYRICS Vengo con un dolor Cargo la tradición Pesa como arena Y me quema como el sol Nada me sale bien Cada vez va peor Vengo a bailar la cumbia Para olvidarte mi amor Esta linda la luna Yo me pongo a bailar Yo me olvido de todo todo Y mañana veras Que esta linda la cumbia Yo me quedo a bailar Yo me olvido de todo, todo Y mañana veras Linda la cumbia buena que me saca del dolor A veces veo negro otras veces va peor Linda la cumbia buena y que me saca del dolor A veces veo negro otras veces va peor Pero que linda la luna Yo me pongo a bailar Yo me olvido de todo, todo Y mañana veras Que esta linda la cumbia Yo me quedo a bailar Yo me olvido de todo, todo Y mañana veras Esta linda la luna Yo me pongo a bailar Yo me olvido de todo todo Y mañana veras Que esta linda la cumbia Yo me quedo a bailar Yo me olvido de todo, todo Y mañana veras
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