Visions of Sound – March 2019


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Gaye Su Akyol - İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir (Official Video)

İSTİKRARLI HAYAL HAKİKATTİR - CONSISTENT FANTASY IS REALITY released 2018 on Dunganga Records and Glitterbeat Records Subscribe to Gaye Su Akyol on YouTube: Söz & Müzik: Gaye Su Akyol Düzenleme: Gaye Su Akyol, Ali Güçlü Şimşek, Görkem Karabudak Yönetmen: Sinan Tuncay İSTİKRARLI HAYAL HAKİKATTİR Of bu ne biçim hayat Bu nasıl bi’ kafa Yatırır adamı hop falakaya Dere gibi akar Dertte yüzeriz Uçuyoruz evet çünkü güzeliz İstikrarlı hayal hakikattir Ölüm var mı yoksa bi rüya mı Derdim derdine ortak olsun Aşk şarabın düşle dolsun Al sazım anlat, ben yoruldum Sığamadım, her yerden kovuldum Denize yakışan martı gibiyiz Nereye eserse oraya gideriz İstikrarlı hayal hakikattir Ölüm var ve bu bi rüyadır Derdim derdine ortak olsun Salla be hayat rakınroldur CONSISTENT FANTASY IS REALITY Oof! What a life What a mind Puts you under bastinado We flow like a brook We float in the woe Yeah we fly ‘cos we are pretty (high) Consistent fantasy is reality Is there death or is it a dream (there is death, life is a rock’n roll) Let my woes pour into yours Wish your wine of love filled with reveries You tell my saz, I am tired Couldn’t fit in, everywhere I was exiled We are like gulls befitting the sea We go wherever the wind blows Consistent fantasy is reality There is death and this is a dream Let my woes pour into yours Hey shake it, life is rock’n roll Directed by Sinan Tuncay DOP: Eren Yıldız Assistant Director: Temmuz İlhan Art Director: Rehan Miskci Editor: Temmuz İlhan Colorist: Ercan Küçük VFX: Fatih Çilingir Production Manager: Hakan Şenvardar Production Assistant: Yakup Özcan GSA Make up: Serkan Parmaksızoğlu GSA Make up assistant: Özge Taş GSA Kostüm: GSA Choreographer: Büşra Firidin Cast: Aydemir Yılmaz, Eda Gökşahin, Elif Karabulut, Ezgi Uysal, Gülheran King, Hatice Kalamanoğlu, İris Mozalar, Kerem Eyüboğlu, Miray Nur Kazma, Nursev Irmak Demirbaş, Ömer Alaattin Karsan, Rumi Güngör, Sedat Varan, Serkan Türk, Süha Kurtuldum, Yasemin Kurşun Cast Styling: Aslı Okay Cast Hair: Selçuk Mılık Cast Make-up: Gülümser Mılık Backstage Photos: Irmak Altıner Special Thanks: Sadi Güran, Ali Güçlü Şimşek, Görkem Karabudak, Gökhan Doğum, Can Evrenol, Fatma Okumuş, Hazal Gürel Get Gaye Su Akyol's third studio album İSTİKRARLI HAYAL HAKİKATTİR now: Download on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: Follow Gaye Su Akyol facebook: instagram: twitter:

La Yegros Ft. Soom T - Tenemos Voz (Official Video)

La Yegros ft. Soom T "Tenemos Voz", taken from the new album 'Suelta' OUT NOW ☛ ● SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ☛ ● LA YEGROS ON TOUR ☛ ● STREAM, DOWNLOAD & BUY LA YEGROS DISCOGRAPHY ☛ FOLLOW LA YEGROS : ● FACEBOOK ☛ ● TWITTER ☛ ● INSTAGRAM ☛ "Tenemos Voz" Written by La Yegros & Soom T Composed by La Yegros & Gabriel Kerpel Recorded and produced at Stomba Studio Mixed by King Coya Mastered by Andres Mayo Music Video by : Director : Juan Manuel Costa Writers : Augustina Canale & Juan Manuel Costa Art Direction : Anu Daltoe Naparstek Storyboard : Agustin Tourino Animation : Daniel Marin, Agustin Tourino & Anu Daltoe Naparstek Production : LYRICS Tenemos voz y condición De mujeres libres sin opresión Caricias suaves para el amor Dulces palabras, también perdón Pero no quieras opacar Las alegrías con maldad Vas a gritar y vas a llorar Toda la vida en soledad Fuera de aquí con tu maldad Yo no te creo no cambiaras Fuera de aquí, no vuelvas mas Ya somos libres y somos mas Somos millones, Somos la voz de la que ya no habla Soom T en la casa No calla, no calla So my child, get to the bottom of the test and know why we are divine The woman going to get right out of the mess, I’ll get up in a soul that she found inside So we ran fast like a bullet in the air and we are gonna gerra gerra up this night A warrior rise in the middle of a life and know what make you divine. Tenemos voz y condición De mujeres plenas con decisión Vamos nadando en la intuición Y perdonando cuando hay amor Pero no quieras opacar Las alegrías con maldad Vas a gritar y vas a llorar Toda la vida en soledad Vos yo, somos el aliento que ahulla en las sombras Vos yo, somos el aliento que ahulla, que ahulla X2 I can’t be silent in the face of injustice in this life I can’t stand by in the midst of a poor sister’s suffering cries For many brave sisters who are not divided must unite in the fight Come now lady listen, I see your eyes glisten under the sunlight Written by La Yegros & Soom T

nAbi - Sam Sam feat Ariel Nahum (Official Video)

Out Now: Listen: Spotify : Apple Music : Soundcloud : Bandcamp : Follow: Instagram : Facebook : Twitter : Youtube : Written, Produced and mixed by: nAbi Composed by: nAbi, Ariel Nahum Vocals by: Ariel Nahum, YONATAN Directed by: Shlomy X Morchi Script by: Shlomy X Morchi, nAbi Edited by: Ori Rousso DOP: Matan Radin ART: Morch Landsberg, Matan Valrshtain Production & Styling: Noga Erez Lighting: Nikolay Kouleshov Lighting assistanא: Dmitry Shapiro DOP assistant: Adi mashta, Ofri Margalit Color Grading: Yoni Passy CAST: Dealers: Adam L Folkman, Lior Cohen, Dor Ben David Cooks: nAbi Burglars: Matan Valrshtain, Ron Simha Best, Shlomy Reuven #nAbi #samsam #music


Pulo NDJ's "Desert To Douala" album is out March 29th worldwide. Purchase digital / CD / 2x7" https://wonderwheelrecordings.bandc... PULO NDJ - Clandoman feat. FTP Album "Desert to Douala" Samy Garyboy Stingo Idrissa Bâ Whalid djbuosis Nickodemus FTP Quantic Merci aux danseurs... Deo Gracias Toynta Eliane Kakpo Ildjima Arby Madji ...aux clandomen... Djonamadji, Frédéric Djimasra, Crepin Nguetar, Narcisse Kodjioroum, Guillaume Allaïssem, Olivier Bemadjita, Richard Allata, Junior à la famille HAPE N'Djaména Luc Bouffet, Francesco Mazzarelli, Olivier Dumont, Marianne Chmitelin, Maria Gallar, Sarah Mokri, Olivier Dumont, Mathieu Laroche, Marc Channelliere © Hape collective - Wonderwheel Recordings - Clotil

Tank And The Bangas - Ants

Video description Our video for Ants is out now! Watch it, love it, let everyone know about it! Tickets, merch & news: LYRICS Where do the ants go? Empty holes to feel ya know Small and obscure Wander the world Where did my ants go? Go truth be told Familiar faces say hi Street car go by Carrying fish plates and first dates Finger waves and hard hairstyles Corner conversations Pop lock-in and dropping High school sweetheart at the gas station Wonder who he’s dating now If he’s married now If he’s busy thinking what was like I am now I should ask him how he doing If he going to the second line Fuck it I’m late for rehearsal now Fuck it I’m late for rehearsal now Erykah said I’ll see you in the next lifetime Nigga bye Double Dutch and free lunch Mean hoes and sweet ones Niggas that like me Dudes that dodge me Girls wanna fight me Cause like Kimy I’m dark and pretty Confident and saditty like Whitley Yet down to earth like Freddie Down to ride no Bentley At home it was Koolaid packs and Disney Lizzy McGuire and 1 Saturday morning on the weekees Never had a pair of Jordan’s Don’t want ‘em My jump shot don’t need sneakers more costly than I can afford them Rice crispy treats and noodles Home alone Macaulay Culkin Cause sometimes Cause sometimes I need more space than stars can give me More sky than god provides me And TV so I won’t get lonely Where do the ants go... Why do they run away Leave me alone now Why can’t I make you stay Gotta JanSport book sack A girl be talking ‘bout me in third period Oh well The day was still made for me Reruns of Martin still waiting on me More cake for me More cake for me Amy scare me Ashley make me jealous and Cherolyn my best friend Brian my boyfriend Gay as his father But his love letters be sweeter than snow balls in the east and freezy street All wrapped in one love letter and a warm sweater in December I’m better I’m better Idk Whatever whatever Where do the ants go... Why do they run away (please don’t run way now) Leave me alone now Why can’t I make you stay (It’s just the colors) I’m prettier than Sunday On Monday’s I be trippin’ My mama want me to wash the dishes while she make my brother lazy and distant Fuck it I’m moving at 18 Fast forward 10 years later it’s the same routine And I’m complaining Catching bucks Mood change Like it’s a new thing I want everything or anything Thrift clothes in a basket or a hummy truck Man my life funny as fuck Like Bruce with a cut Just my luck I’d end up famous and blunt Rolling a blunt Turned down While everyone is busy turning up Can you turn my music up? Hey turn my music up Where do the ants go... Why do they run away Leave me alone now Why can’t I make you stay I saw you throw a universe once That wasn’t the type of shit you see every day... Music video by Tank And The Bangas performing Ants. © 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Seba Kaapstad - Africa | Official Video

Seba Kaapstad is a multi-national neo-soul quartet comprised of a South African, a Swazi, and two Germans. They summon the most powerful manifestation of creativity: music that represents an idea. Their Mello Music debut album, Thina, takes its name from the Zulu word for “us.” It is a gorgeous halo of soul, encompassing several continents worth of sound, and obliterating the notion of genre. It is divined by artists whose lineage is riven with trauma and suffering. But like their ancestors, they endured. And only in this futuristic present could they reconcile the perseverance and turmoil of the past, using music to inspire unity and heal. They conjure beatific grooves that radiate with alluvial soul, celestial jazz, electronic experimentation and the polyrhythmic essence of Africa. It is marrow music, what digs beneath your bones, seeping into your bloodstream and inner visions. You hear flashes of the greats: Badu, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Jill Scott, and the Things Fall Apart-era Roots. You might even hear the ethereal float of Frank Ocean or the glowing bliss of Flying Lotus and Thundercat. But like all stellar quartets, Seba Kaapstad is indivisible and made stronger by the sum of their parts. from the album "Thina" Directed Harry Delgas & Nicolas Ohnesorge Africa I’ve been wondering ‘bout the world we live in now All we do is fight for truth not yet been found Who’s wrong or right now, Bring it to the light somehow In Africa Looking ‘round the world now, Truth is hidden here somehow In Africa Hey hey, come on Hey my mother all alone Hey my sister go on home You will never be alone In Africa Koko Ey Ngicel’ukhuphule i-volume lapho Ey Truth and reconciliation with our minds is a thing now Is the colour of my skin finally the flight in my wing now Queens stand up or are you still growing our kids now Kings stand up or are you sweating in our gardens Bow down to those uniforms as they try to be uniform to hope on paper Held back by structure Funny we were the help that built this architecture Now we’re scattered like left overs Mntanakithi siyahlupheka Ukuphila ukubona, niyavuma? (Siyavuma) Sizophumelela ngempela it is true now Although there is complexity and conflicts in view now Let’s make this land brand new now Remember what is true now We are beautiful man, it’s the love for this land If we were made of bones and sand we gotta understand That we were made in his image and it’s His plan Hey hey, come on Hey my mother all alone Hey my sister go on home You will never be alone In Africa Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth Mello Music Group, 2019

The Comet Is Coming - Summon The Fire

Join The Comet Is Coming and 'Summon The Fire' off their new album "Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery" out now! Follow The Comet Is Coming: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Website: Director – RUFFMERCY Music video by The Comet Is Coming performing Summon The Fire. © 2019 UMG Recordings, Inc.

Black Alien - Que Nem o Meu Cachorro (Clipe Oficial)

Que Nem o Meu Cachorro - Black Alien Letra e voz Black Alien Produzido por Papatinho Gravado por Papatinho & Choppinho no Papatunes Studios Mixagem & Masterização por 2F UFLOW no Papatunes Studios Produção Executiva Marina Dee e Gustavo Black Alien para Extrapunk Extrafunk Entretenimento Editora Extrapunk Extrafunk Ent / Sony ATV Lançamento: 14/03/2019 Roteiro: Gustavo Black Alien Produtora: Extrapunk Extrafunk Ent Direção e Edição: Premier King Filme Crew: Fernando Tavares, Rafo Dachuva Produção: Marina Dee Making off: Ygor Simões Fotos: Deko Araújo Assistente de Produção: Andrea Lobato, NatáliaFogosi Beleza: Kerol Barbosa Figurino: Nicole Simon, Victor Saito Transfer: Adrivan Locadora Produção de Elenco: Marco Antônio Marcondes Preparação de Elenco: Sergio Santilli Elenco: Allan Gustavo Celso Pelicano Fernando Rodrigues Felipe Giordani Frank Domingos Gabriel Nunes Juliano Algusto Julio Cesar Ferreira João Berlato Leandro de Souza Marco Antônio Marcondes Mauricio Lourenço Sergio Santilli Thiago Luis Batista Willis Menezes Santos O cochilo da tarde é meu xodó do momento Nem quica A vida é tombo em pista de cimento “Black Alien já vai tarde, já passou o seu momento” Significa, que o cidadão não tem conhecimento Da força, da fé, da febre, e da fibra Nessas portas meto o pé, enquanto a galera vibra Me preocupa é o celular que vibra ao lado do meu saco O resto todo que dá câncer, eu já vou lançar no vácuo Ingrato, não é o que tu fala que diz quem tu és Come e cospe no prato, depois vêm dizer “Jah Bless” Se custar a minha paz, já custou caro demais Pela sacos aqui jaz Black Alien aqui jazz Criado no Ingá Chapado demais pra um dia me vingar Sim, Sensei, eu sem paciência pra debate Zung Guzung Gu Zen pique flow marijuana e abacate Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, favela, morro, tô que nem o meu cachorro no domínio do latim Brooklin, Nova York, Soho, tô que nem cachorro, suando só no ‘fucim’ Só não vêm ‘facim’, se não qualquer um desenvolvia É tempo de templo, só rato cinza na via O que vêm ‘facim’ presta não se envolvia Do sol da meia noite até o sol do meio dia. Refrão Cria do Ingá Chapado demais pra um dia me vingar Sim, Sensei, eu sem paciência pra debate Zung Guzung Gu Zen pique flow marijuana e abacate Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, favela, morro, tô que nem o meu cachorro no domínio do latim Nem tão longe pra tu chegar aqui de mala Nem de longe é tão perto, que pode vim de chinelo Nem de longe eu virei monge, apenas parei de dá pála, vagabundo fala um monte, são pregos pro meu martelo Bem vindo ao meu lar, cuidado pra não tropeçar, a mesa ainda tá aqui, porém mudei certezas de lugar Num mundo que produz prodígios bizarros Que produzem seus discos, dirigem os seus carros Minha diversão de homem, alegria de menino, que produz o que consome, todos temos nossos hinos Pronuncia o meu nome, sinônimo: genuíno Bota a cara e testa a fome, meus felinos tem caninos Sem disposição não fico, sem disposição fica no meio do caminho entre eu e eu rico Ambos são ambição, e ninguém sabe quem são, e nós somos a canção que vêm da zona de conflito Pois a zona de conflito é minha zona de conforto, e a estrada pro inferno se desce de ponto morto, então parou com a zona. Refrão Cria do Ingá Chapado demais pra um dia me vingar Sim, Sensei, eu sem paciência pra debate Zung Guzung Gu Zen pique flow marijuana e abacate Rio de Janeiro, Niterói, favela, morro, tô que nem o meu cachorro no domínio do latim Não tem como funcionar, vai sempre dar ruim pra você Bocas mexem “blá blá blá”, e eu só faço o que tem que fazer Não tô nem aí, nem lá, tô bem aqui, além do que se vê Se vêm baseado no passado, só há um resultado: 'Cê' vai se fuder Porque eu sou o agora Eu sou o agora Instagram: @blackalienofficial Facebook: @blackalienofficial Twitter: @BAlienofficial Shows e infos:

Las Migas - La Tarara (Videoclip Oficial)

Reserva tu disco ya, en Amazon: “La Tarara” es el primer single del nuevo trabajo de Las Migas, CUATRO (C) 2019 Satélite K. Su nueva adaptación de la canción popular abre un nuevo mundo de colores donde se mezclan guitarras y violines tradicionales con sonidos electrónicos y la salvaje voz tan flamenca de Bego Salazar. CUATRO es el nombre del nuevo trabajo discográfico que presentan LAS MIGAS esta primavera. Este disco, resultado de dos años de preparación minuciosa, es el cuarto de su carrera musical desde que esta banda empezó a recorrer mundo, hace ya 15 años. Para celebrar este aniversario, han querido rendir homenaje a todas las que alguna vez fueron Migas, que son Migas hoy, y que lo serán algún día, con los temas más queridos de sus álbumes anteriores, y un par de canciones inéditas. Ellas son CUATRO mujeres músicas, guerreras y viajeras. Un disco producido por Sebas Merlin. Grabado por Kiko Caballero en Hitmakers Studio. Mezclado por Unomusic, y Masterizado por Blackboxmastering. Letra: Tiene la Tarara un vestido verde lleno de volantes y de cascabeles. La Tarara sí, la Tarara no, la Tarara, niña, que la he visto yo. Tiene la Tarara unos pantalones que de arriba a abajo todo son botones. La Tarara sí, la Tarara no, la Tarara, niña, que la he visto yo. Luce la Tarara su cola de seda entre la retama y la yerbabuena. La Tarara sí, la Tarara no, la Tarara, niña, que la he visto yo. ¡Ay! Tarara loca, mueve la cintura para los muchachos de las aceitunas. La Tarara sí, la Tarara no, la Tarara, niña, que la he visto yo. Próximos conciertos y más información: Suscríbete a nuestro canal y descubre más música!!!

Monsieur Periné - La Sombra (Video Oficial) ft. Leonel García

Escucha más de Monsieur Periné aquí🎶 Suscríbete para ver nuevos videos: Nuestras playlists 🎶 ➤ Lo Mejor: ➤ Latino Power: Encuentra la discografía completa aquí 💿: ➤Spotify: ➤Deezer: ➤Claro Música: ➤Apple Music: Sigue a Monsieur Periné: ➤Instagram 👉 ➤Facebook👉 ➤Twitter 👉 Letra: Yo Que solo tengo un corazón Que siempre quiere libertad Que va de frente aunque le duela la verdad Camino con la soledad Me abrigo con la oscuridad Mi piel está hecha de recuerdos que se van Armando como en espiral Y todo lo que estoy sintiendo con el bálsamo del tiempo Sé que al fin se sanará Yo sin quererte recordar Porque la sombra que dejaste sigue aquí Y no ha encontrado cómo hacer para seguir Porque aunque hoy me ha vuelto llanto este dolor Sé que algún día en la mañana tras las nubes volverá a salir el sol Yo Que solo tengo un corazón Que no se sabe controlar Sentí que me engañabas y no pude más Y tuve que pensar en mí Y tuve que dejarte ir Y me quedaron tantas cosas por decir Hoy no te puedo perdonar Y va pasando el tiempo y siento que me amarra tu silencio A un amor que ya no está Y que no quiero recordar Porque la sombra que dejaste sigue aquí Y no ha encontrado cómo hacer para seguir Porque aunque hoy me ha vuelto llanto este dolor Sé que algún día en la mañana tras las nubes volverá a salir el sol (2) Fechas La Sombra Tour: 1 Mar 21 Madrid, Espana Joy Eslava 2 Mar 22 Barcelona, Espana Bikini 3 Mar 30 Santiago, Chile Lollapallooza Chile 4 May 16 Lima, Peru 5 May 17 Santiago, Chile 6 May 18 Buenos Aires, Argentina 7 May 19 Montevideo, Uruguay 8 May 24 Mexicali, Mexico 9 May 25 Tijuana, Mexico 10 June 1 San Juan, Puerto Rico Vivo Beach Club 11 June 3 Toronto, ON Mod Club 12 June 5 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club 13 June 6 Ridgefield, CT Ridgefield Playhouse 14 June 8 New York, NY SONY Hall 15 June 9 Montauk, NY Stephen Talkhouse 16 June 10 Washington DC 930 Club 17 June 12 Atlanta, GA Masquerade 18 June 14 Manchester, TN Bonnaroo 19 June 15 Hollywood, FL ArtsPark Amphitheater 20 June 16 Orlando, FL The Plaza 21 June 18 Houston, TX HOB (Bronze Peacock) 22 June 19 Dallas, TX HOB (Cambridge Room) 23 June 21 St Louis, MO Sheldon Concert Hall 24 June 22 Chicago, IL Ruido Festival 25 July 11 San Francisco, CA Miner Auditorium 26 July 12 San Francisco, CA Miner Auditorium 27 July 13 San Francisco, CA Miner Auditorium 28 July 14 San Francisco, CA Miner Auditorium 29 July 16 Chico, CA Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 30 July 17 Fresno, CA Strummer's 31 July 19 Los Angeles, CA El Rey 32 July 20 San Diego, CA HOB (C) 2019 Sony Music Entertainment Colombia S.A

King Coya - Tierra de King Coya feat. La Walichera (Official Music Video)

Un viaje a la Tierra de King Coya. Pa’ que bailes sin parar. Realización: Conurbana Audiovisual Idea y Guión: Conurbana Audiovisual y King Coya Animación y Gráfica: María buonome Queen Cholas son: Martina Kogan, Laura Friedman y Iara Nardi. King Coya Spotify Facebook Instagram Twitter Bandcamp SoundCloud ZZK Records Spotify Instagram Twitter Facebook Bandcamp SoundCloud Merch

Blick Bassy - Woñi (Official)

Buy/Stream "Woñi" from the album 1958 : Watch Blick Bassy's videos : Blick : “I would like to talk about the feeling of fear that prevailed and still prevails around our colonial history, that contributed to the development of the tribal clichés, and that, today, alters our country. That is also because of that fear that nobody dares to stand up to demonstrate or to fight for our freedom. My family grew up in fear. Men, women and children live in fear, and to exist, this beautiful community is getting drunk with alcohol, with fear, uprooted, under the astounded eyes of the ancestors.” In 1958, two years before Cameroon independence, Ruben Um Nyobè, the leader of the Popular Union of Cameroon, fell under the French army bullets. Repression against the independentist movement had lasted for fifteen years and had caused thousand of deaths. But until now, France and the Cameroonese state had a total black out with this story. With the album «1958», Blick Bassy aims at putting light on this period of history and paying tribute to those warriors of Cameroon independence. **** Director : Justice Mukheli @justicemukheli Producer : Marc G Harrison @marcgharrison Production House : bomb Commercials @bombcommercials DP: Motheo Modaguru @MotheoModaguru_dop Production Designer : Dylan Lloyd @mr_mananga Stylist : Sheli Masondo @cooshel29 Offline : Saki Berg , Left post production @sakiberg @leftpostproduction Colourist : Craig Simonetti @craig_simonetti Online : Bladeworks @bladeworks_za Audio: Madhaus @madhaus_media Grand daughter : Zandile Mdaba Grand mother : Nomvula Kubeka Young boy : Sibusiso Mabuza Models : Lunathi Mampufu, Koketso Taylor Mokhuone, Nqobile Nxumalo **** 2019 TOUR 28.02 ZURICH (CH) Moods 11.03 LONDON (UK) St Pancras Old Church 12.03 BREMEN (DE) Die Glocke 13.03 VIENNA (AT) Wiener Konzerthaus 14.03 DARMSTADT (DE) Centralstation Darmstadt 15.03 POSTDAM (Berlin, DE) Nikolaisaal 05.04 CULLY (CH) Cully Jazz 11.04 BORDEAUX (FR) Rocher de Palmer 15.04 PARIS (FR) - La Cigale 20.04 PRINTEMPS DE BOURGES (FR) Théâtre Jacques Coeur 27.04 DAX (FR) l’Atrium 17.05 DORTMUND (DE) Klangvokal Musikfestival 01.06 ANGOULEME (FR) Musiques Métisses 11.06 LISBONNE (PT) Teatro Da Trindade 28.07 AULNOYE-AYMERIES (FR) Festival Les Nuits Secrètes 03.08 FLOREFFE (BE) Esperanzah Festival **** Follow Blick Bassy ©2019 Nø Førmat! / tôt Ou tard Lyrics Lok yèm bi néñél ikeré woñi Bot bèm ba lélél mounou woni Sogol Wem à neñel i keré woñi Lok yèm bi néñel ikere woñi My homeland grew up in fear, My family sleeps in fear, My grand father grew up in fear Nguén yéss di yi bé yooo Basso di nigil ni bé yo oo Lok yess bi wél ni ikere woñi Bonguè ba bi wel ni mounou woñi We do not know our tales, We do not learn them My family grew up in fear, children too. Chorus Lok yes I nhooo I nyoo nyoo ni nyooo Lok yess I Nhoo I nhoo ni mahok My family gets drunk, She drinks without stopping My family gets drunk With alcohol Verse 2 Loñ yess bi nénél ikéré woñi Ma pirè di tcho mo kiki biton bi moo Ñèm we wok I bi pernè ni mounou i woñi NYOBE a bi wel/ ni bess ngui woñi My country grew up in fear, our hope is trampled.. My heart also stopped because of that fear, But Nyobe wasn’t scared, him, and he is still with us À ta ngo èmblè Loñ Benguè ni yo kiki I woo Moumié à bi wèl ni Bess ngui woni Ndi Béss bana di kirnè ni ikédé woni Oh creator, come and listen to your country. Look at how it is dying, but Moumié died for us without being scared, while we stay, locked in fear Chorus Lok yes I nhooo I nyoo nyoo ni nyooo Lok yess I Nhoo I nhoo ni mahok My family is getting drunk, She drinks without stopping My family is getting drunk, with alcohol Lok yes in wooo I nho ni woni Lon yess I nwoo i nyock ndik mahog Our country is dying, he is drunk with fear, Our country is dying, he keeps drinking alcohol. #BlickBassy #RubenUmNyobè

Philippe Cohen Solal - Greensleeves (Official Video)

- Stream/Download the song here: Philippe Cohen Solal revisits the English traditional theme "Greensleeves" and presents an original video directed by Chiara Sabatini: "Soeur". Rome, a stage of white marble. Two women wearing black veils look at a bas relief and walk away. We meet them, they’re beautiful and young, they’re two nuns. The film tells of a moment of freedom when out of the rigor of their lives, the girls sit in the sunshine for a smoke. Bliss. The city won't tell... Directed by: Chiara Sabatini Music: Philippe Cohen Solal Recording & Mixing: Tibo Javoy @ Substudioz Mastering: Benjamin Joubert Featuring: Alessia Peruzzi & Camilla Castelli Photography: Federico Annicchiarico Editing: Paola Freddi & Stefano Presti Producers: Giulia Achilli & Chiara Sabatini Produced by Dugong Films ¡Ya Basta! Records :

Sinkane - Everybody (Official Video)

From the new album 'Dépaysé' - OUT NOW on Vinyl / CD / Digital Spotify : Apple Music : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Youtube : - - - Production - Casper Films director - Bruno Ferreira D:O:P - Guilherme Tostes image assistant - Sasha Lazarev Local producer - Marlon Editor - Sérgio Pedro Colorist - Paulo Inês (lghtfilm) Post-Production - MOLA CAST: Vantuil Costa Jasmin Sánchez Juliana Motta Thayna Oliveira Special thanks to : Escola de Samba Paraíso do Tuiuti. This is the official Youtube channel of Sinkane. Subscribe Now to keep up to date with all of the latest music videos, new tracks, live dates and more #sinkane #depayse #everybody

📺 Marcus Gad Meets Tamal - Live Up To The Day [Official Video]

💿 "Enter A Space" available : 🎥 Directed by Rafique Shaikh - Freakozoid Productions : 🎙Lyrics and melody : Marcus Gad 🎶Music : Clément "Tamal" Thouard 🥁 Drums : Mike Dibo 🎹Keys/Guitars/Percussions : Clément "Tamal" Thouard 🎸Bass: Romain "Peter" Lescoules 🎸Djeli N'goni : Youssouf Diabiate 🎤 Backing Vocals : Marcus Gad 🎧Arranged, recorded and mixed by Clément "Tamal" Thouard @ Davout Studios, France. 🔊Mastering : Alexis Bardinet at Globe Audio Mastering, France. LYRICS : Chorus: Live up to the day Oh live up to the day Elevate your way And live up to the day Feel the constant transformation Keep in mind your destination Communion with all creation Life a constant revelation Omega alpha penetration Life a love insemination Opposites in co-creation Complementary division Chorus To reach the center You will need concentration For you to overcome The sens of separation To keep your honor Take a true implication Ina this era Seek truth before satisfaction An ancient melody Composed by the old ones to reach serenity An ancient remedy To bring about a healing in our family Of love and glory Realize the holiness in all that you see And live up to the day Oh live up to the day Live up to the day Oh live up to the day Chorus Follow Marcus Gad : Facebook : Instagram : Spotify : Deezer : iTunes : YouTube : Follow Tamal : Facebook : Instagram : © ℗ 2019 High Records under exclusive licence to Baco Records. BACO RECORDS • Label • Booking Agency • Publishing • Distribution


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