Visions of Sound – January 2022

Visions of Sound – January 2022

Every month, we bring you a collection of the best world music-related videos. That’s our way to give value to too often overlooked, rich and diverse artistic expressions.

Listen with your eyes!

ቀና ልብ | Qena Lib (ያልታሰበ ቪዲዮ)

Song: ቀና ልብ | Qena Lib Artists: Kassmasse Producer: Uno Mix Master: Kenny Allen (E.A.R.S) Director: Maranata Tegegne Producer: Guta Wakuma Chimsa (Choo Choo Promotions) Post Production: Gebriel Balcha for Seven Communications Styling: Maffi Maffi Photography: Yonas Tadesse Location: Pro Image Studio Follow Kassmasse Stream Maleda EP © Choo Choo Promotions #Antsar #Kassmasse #Uno #ChooChooPromotions

Resina - Horse Tail (official video)

'Horsetail' by Resina from the album 'Speechless' available on 130701 / Fat Cat Records. Written, directed and animated by Mateusz Jarmulski Purchase this record here: To buy this record, merch, and more, visit Subscribe to 130701 Records on YouTube to stay updated on our new releases: 130701 on Facebook: 130701 on Instagram: Follow FatCat on Twitter: Discover new music and recent podcasts:

Immanuel Wilkins - Emanation/Don't Break (Official Video)

Music By Immanuel Wilkins Songs: Emanation, Don't Break (Feat. Farafina Kan Percussion Ensemble ) Video Director: Cauleen Smith Purchase "The 7th Hand": Emanation Immanuel Wilkins: Alto Saxophone Micah Thomas: Piano Daryl Johns: Bass Kweku Sumbry: Drums Don't Break Feat. Farafina Kan Percussion Ensemble Immanuel Wilkins: Alto Saxophone Micah Thomas: Piano Daryl Johns: Bass Kweku Sumbry: Drums Farafina Kan Percussion Ensemble: Kweku Sumbry: Lead Djembe & Bass Djembe Agyei Keita Edwards: Lead Djembe Adrian Somerville Jr.: Sangban Jamal Dickerson: Doundunba Yao Akoto: Kenkeni Follow Immanuel Wilkins Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Listen to Immanuel Wilkins Spotify: iTunes: Apple Music: Amazon Music: Subscribe now: #immanuelwilkins #the7thhand #bluenote

IMARHAN - "Adar Newlan" feat. Gruff Rhys (Official Video)

'Adar Newlan' is from the new Imarhan album 'Aboogi', out January 28. Listen / Shop : Follow Imarhan on Facebook, Instagram and more ___ Directed & written by Fantômes (Hugo & Rodolphe Jouxtel) Produced by Ondine Benetier for La Blogothèque and Wedge Production manager: Philippine Graffard Background designer: Audrey Jouve With the support of the CNC ___ « Adar Newlan » means « The Blazing rocks ». "Creating a fire to heat the kettle. Strong and sweet tea, close by to The door of the orange tent. A starry night under the moon. Strong tea Strong tea Strong tea Strong tea We celebrate our existence, Our histories long. We sing a song for our heroes, Comrades under one sky. Strong tea Strong tea Strong tea Strong tea The sons of my country are exhausted, Because they live in prisons, Under the blazing sun between rocks, Rocks that are full of fear, Full of buried secrets." ___ « Adar Newlan » in Welsh and Tamasheq « Te cryf a melys nepell, O ddrws y babell oren, Serenog nos dan seren, Te cryf, Te cryf, Te cryf, Fe ddathlwn ein bodolaeth, Ein hanes yn un helaeth, Fe ganw’n gan i’n harwyr, Gymrodyr dan un awyr, Te cryf, Te cryf, Te cryf. Oulad bladi garid aldachan, Ed tikarmouten adar izaran Adar newelan adar idaran, Wa ahanat rhumag dadjen ifar ___ This is the Official Youtube channel of Imarhan. To be kept up to date with all of the latest releases, new videos, tour information and more, SUBSCRIBE NOW #Imarhan #CitySlang

Mamak Khadem "Entangled"- " گرفتار". from the album REMEMBRANCE

Poetry of Moulana jalaledin Rumi Mamak Khadem – Vocals Chris Votek– Cellos Composed, arranged, and produced by Mamak Khadem and Chris Votek Mixed by: Jamshied Sharifi "Entangled" is addressing women in today’s world from an alarmed feminist perspective. Music video: sam Javadi One hand holding a cup of wine, one hand caressing my beloved’s hair – I yearn to dance in this way in vast, open fields. Translated by: Omid Arabian Released by Six Degrees Records

Trupa Trupa - Uniforms (Official Video)

"Uniforms" - a new single from the upcoming "B FLAT A" LP Preorder here: to be released by Glitterbeat Records (Europe & elsewhere), Lovitt Records (USA) and Antena Krzyku (Poland) Directed by Aleksander Makowski (@aleksanderma) & Keesan Nam (@kamera.nam) More on Trupa Trupa Merch

Charlie Parr – "Blues For Whitefish Lake, 1975" [Official Music Video]

Watch the official music video for "Blues For Whitefish Lake, 1975" by Charlie Parr. The song is featured on his new Smithsonian Folkways album 'Last of the Better Days Ahead,' available on CD, LP, and digital. Shot and Edited by Lei Shi Directed by Lance Lindahl Featuring Gar Lindahl as the boy Stream/purchase: Smithsonian Folkways: All other platforms: Charlie Parr’s newest album, Last of the Better Days Ahead, is a collection of powerful new songs about how one looks back on a life lived, as well as forward on what’s still to come. Its spare production foregrounds Parr’s poetic lyricism, his expressive, gritty voice ringing clear over deft acoustic guitar playing that references folk and blues motifs in Parr’s own exploratory, idiosyncratic style. When it comes to what it all means, Parr says it best: “Last of the Better Days Ahead is a way for me to refer to the times I’m living in. I’m getting on in years, experiencing a shift in perspective that was once described by my mom as ‘a time when we turn from gazing into the future to gazing back at the past, as if we’re adrift in the current, slowly turning around.’ Some songs came from meditations on the fact that the portion of our brain devoted to memory is also the portion responsible for imagination, and what that entails for the collected experiences that we refer to as our lives. Other songs are cultivated primarily from the imagination, but also contain memories of what may be a real landscape, or at least one inspired by vivid dreaming. The album represents one full rotation of the boat in which we are adrift—looking ahead for a last look at the better days to come, then being turned around to see the leading edge of the past as it fades into the foggy dreamscape of our real and imagined histories.” Charlie Parr: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Smithsonian Folkways: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: The content and comments posted here are subject to the Smithsonian Institution copyright and privacy policy ( Smithsonian reserves the right in its sole discretion to remove any content at any time.

SAODAJ - Un cri [Official video]

Un Cri est le nouvel extrait du prochain album de Saodaj. Vous pouvez l’ajouter à vos playlists digitales sur ce lien : Facebook : Instagram : Youtube : Bandcamp : Management/Production : Kaskas Booking : Wax Booking Label : Daydream Music Auteur Compositeur : Marie LANFROY et Jonathan ITÉMA Enregistrement : Brice NAUROY / Oasis Studio Mix : Brice NAUROY Mastering : Graeme DURHAM / The Exchange Mastering Studios Réalisation clip : Romain PHILLIPON et Samuel MALKA Comédienne : Aurélie LAURET Production : Contrebande Avec le soutien de : AMI PRMA Réunion, Kaskas (C) & (P) 2021 Kaskas under exclusive license to Daydream Music Paroles / Lyrics : J’étouffe un cri Je dis non Tu obliges le oui Mordre ma peau Te fait taire Je succombe Sous ton corps alourdi A ta force Tes vapeurs de whisky Vider le trop plein Décharger ta folie Sur mon corps fatigué Fatigué de t'aimer Bien au-delà du pire Oui, je te hais Mon amour ennemi A perdre la raison Je me souviens Je me souviens de tout Je me souviens Je me souviens de tout Je n'ai pas dit mon dernier mot Même si les murs en ont trop vu La pluie battante meurt sur le toit Fin des violences Ton corps foutu Reprend son souffle Je me relève et te maudis Mais à quoi bon puisque tu dors ? Puisque demain est déjà là Et puisque de nous tout est mort Dann li la pèz mon kor (dans ce lit, mon corps écrasé) Sanm out kor ou la ankor (sous ton corps, encore une fois) Dann doulèr la mon fénwar pli for (dans ma douleur, tout est plus sombre) Kan mi mazinn mwin mi krwa lamour ankor (et dire que je crois encore en notre amour…) Je pars sans te dire adieu C'est bien au diable que je t'envoie Je pars Je pars sans te dire adieu Je crie pour la première fois Je pars. ~~~ I stifle a cry I say no you force a yes out of me Biting my skin Shuts your mouth I give in To the weight of your body To your power To your whiffs of whisky Shedding the overload Shedding your folly On my wearied body Tired of loving you Way beyond the worst Yes I hate you My lover my enemy To the point of insanity I remember I remember it all I remember I remember it all I havn’t said my last word Even if the walls have seen too much The pelting rain fades on the roof The violence ends, your spent body Catches its breath Picking myself up and I am cursing you To what end, since you are sleeping? Since tomorrow is already here And since of us, nothing is left Dann li la pèz mon kor ( In this bed, my body crushed) Sanm out kor ou la ankor (Under your body, once more) Dann doulèr la mon fénwar pli for (withIn my pain, everything is darker) Kan mi mazinn mwin mi krwa lamour ankor (and to think I still believe in our love…) I am leaving without saying farewell to you It’s to the very devil that I am sending you. I am leaving I am leaving without farewell I am crying out for the first time I am leaving #saodaj #maloya #uncri

Isaac Sasson - Manyanet (Official Video)

Taken from Isaac's "Canciones de Isaac" LP on Olindo Records, Manyanet is a sonic postcard dedicated to the small town of the same name in the Catalan Pyrenees, which inspired Isaac through its landscapes and sounds. It was one of the first songs on the LP to be written and recorded in Barcelona, Spain following the composer's move from Venezuela, and contains a mixture of field recordings captured during his visit, juxtaposed with the sounds of Caracas during a rainy afternoon. Listen and buy the LP here: Filmed in Manyanet, Spain Directed and produced by: Dani Rodriguez at Rotten Studios

Rincon Sapiência - De Onde Cê Vem + Serenata part. Timor YSF // O Peso das Barra

Ouça O Peso das Barra: + RINCON SAPIÊNCIA: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Produção e realização: MGoma FICHA TÉCNICA: DE ONDE CÊ VEM (VERSO LIVRE) MÚSICA: Música: De Onde Cê Vem (Verso Livre) Autores: Rincon Sapiência e 808 Luke Voz: Rincon Sapiência Produção Musical: Rincon Sapiência e 808 Luke Gravado, mixado e masterizado por Rincon Sapiência no Estúdio MGoma Gravadora: MGoma CLIPE: Concepção e roteiro: Rincon Sapiência Direção: Gabriel Ranza e Mista Luba Direção de Fotografia: Gabriel Ranza Edição e Color: Gabriel Ranza Produção Executiva: Carol Jafet Edição e finalização: Mista Luba Produção: Adriano Flai Tanda Administrativo: Leandro Ambrosio Making of: Andreh Santos Still: Andreh Santos Social Media: Adriano Flai Tanda Locação 01: Spinelli Alfaiataria Agradecimentos especiais: Luiz Spinelli, Natasha Mesquita, Valéria Mesquita, Eduardo Mesquita, Priscila Felisardo Locação 02: Grand Rigor Trajes Agradecimento especial: Renato Santos FICHA TÉCNICA – SERENATA PART. TIMOR YSF Música: Serenata Autores: Rincon Sapiência, Timor YSF, Ziggy Beatz Voz: Rincon Sapiência e Timor YSF Produção Musical: Rincon Sapiência e Ziggy Beatz Voz do Timor captada em Lisboa por Progvid Voz do Rincon gravado no Brasil, estúdio MGoma Mixado e masterizado por Rincon Sapiência no Estúdio MGoma Gravadora: MGoma CLIPE: Concepção e roteiro: Rincon Sapiência Direção: Mista Luba DP: Mista Luba Edição: Mista Luba Color: Gabriel Ranza Produção Executiva: Carol Jafet Administrativo: Leandro Ambrosio Social Media: Adriano Flai Tanda Designer: Milla Carol e Keila Menezes Imprensa: Ana Claudia Luiz Agradecimento especial: Renato Venom Agradecimento especial: PUMA Brasil, Rubia Pria, Fabio Kadow ______ LETRA – DE ONDE CÊ VEM Altos e baixos nós vivemo Naquele foco nós mantemo Jogo da vida não tá ganho Mas tem várias fita que vencemo Trabalho duro mais plano Mirando o futuro mais pleno Na minha visão mereço mansão Mas eu agradeço o que ta teno Eu amo comprar e mágico Pergunta se kero é lógico Rico no saldo da conta Fudido no psicológico Lobo guará, serpente, porcos Seja bem vindo ao zoológico 155 157 to evitando esses códigos Tudo tão lindo, leve, solto Enquanto não vive sofre A gente só guarda dinheiro que sobra Eu nunca tive um cofre Conectado com a cara na tela Sigo bebendo um coffee Pra quem apronta na rua é mó guela Melhor ficar em off O rap tem dread, o rap tem ouro, piercing Drink, o rap tem flor Olhe pra África, o drip é ancestral O rap tem cor O rap consegue fazer o retorno Abrir caminho, passar o trator E nessa prática, os preto tá ganhando menos é um fator Verso livre é a caçada Tem aula, rua que ensina Eles não têm a braçada Mas playboy tem a piscina De lala, gucci, prada Olha sua lata, não combina Não é pela mente chapada É canetada, é medicina Verde limão é cítrico Copo na mão tá híbrido Por uma cultura mais sólida Eu quero lucro líquido Disposição no físico Original legítimo Flow de malandro é como batuque É tipo tambor é ritmo Vários muleque tão no desafio da lei Loco pra desacatar Vira madrugada vivendo uma vida de rei Enquanto os homi não catar No canto do baile ela joga essa bunda eu amei, vai difícil escapar Flow de malandro é tipo batuque falei, pa papapa papapa ____ LETRA – SERENATA RINCON SAPIÊNCIA: Na madrugada tem serenata Toca sirene bem sereno Atividade muito silêncio Quem pensa grande o mundo é pequeno Tenha dinheiro, perca saúde Ganha saúde, perca dinheiro Cabeça queima no travesseiro Eu quero terra e não sou herdeiro Dinheiro gira como ciclone Da uma volta e logo já some Quando a barriga ronca de fome Ninguém escolhe aquilo que come Se eu tô no corre, vivo no asfalto Quando eu tô alto vivo igual drone Uma doçura ela derrete Toda cremosa tipo danone PUMA no solo de camisa polo Abotoado na última casa Vejo a quebrada longe do cofre Não pode ser uma faixa de Gaza Vejo o sistema criando cobra E a quebrada criando asa Vários colete, vários foguete Cohab-01 me sinto na naza Não esconde a face A pressão é forte Pra nós o disfarce Só se for no corte Cansei dos relato Só destrato morte Prato com risoto Férias no resort TIMOR YSF: Bagulho doido com essência Mas um bomba Ku nigga paciência Cabo Verdi Brasil Ki é nos gera cada hit Nigga é tremor di terra Situacon pa li Sempri foi berra Ku pobreza Tudo dia e guerra Ta busca pa tenta alcança Equanto nka teni nha milhon Nka ta cansa nteni dikas Na prega Sima kilos ganza Tem rabos tem ancas Nigga ta balança Tem putos ku fomi Pronto inxi pança Ba ta djobi pa confiança E kuza fudido ki Niggas Ta abraça Nsta dento becos Ta busca nha massa Obrigado Rincon Nha parcero di casa Es pensa ma e di hoji Ma dja nu tem data Oh ki ntxiga Brasil Nsta pronto pa farra RINCON SAPIÊNCIA Só muleke zica forgando cheio de marra Na conexão Timor e Rincon segura o peso das barra

Crystal Murray - Other Men (feat. Le Diouck) (Official Video)

Crystal Murray "Other Men" (feat. Le Diouck) Available here: Subscribe to Crystal channel : Crystal Murray new EP ‘Twisted Bases’ Available here: Take your tickets to Crystal’s Maroquinerie Release Party in Paris: Subscribe to Crystal channel : Follow Crystal on Socials: IG : FB: Website : Produced by HIERSOIR Directed by Ceheivi Producers : Yoël Servadio, Anne-Cécile Jemin, Caroline Hélaine Line Producer : Rachel Roncin Set manager : Germain Cesena Assistant director : Quentin Dubourdieu Director of Photography : Théodore Hugonnier 1st AC : Léo Servant 2nd AC : Paul Godeau Gaffer : Clémence Warnier Best Boy : Joffrey Chattellier Electrician : Nicolas Hélie Electrician : Titouan Deniaud Crane / Head Operator : David Campbell Assistant : Corto Ta Minh Key Grip : Pierre Grisoni Grip : Romain Colleaux Set Designers : Charlotte Castay & Juliette Castay Aerial Stunt : Didier Alexandre Art Director / Stylist : Stephy Galvani Assistant Stylist : Maelys Annovazzi Make-Up Artist : Ruben Masoliver Hair & Wig Artist : Yumiko Hikage Movement Director : Maeva Berthelot Post Production : Cassius Post-Producers : Aurélien Kouby, Clémence Normand, Léa Taborin Editing : Arnaud Vieron Supervisors VFX : Nicolas Hernandez, Romaric Baudoin Conformation : Marine Paixao Grading : Nicolas Gautier Graphic Design : Léa Simon Rental : Panavision & Panalux Location : Cinedesk ↓ LYRICS ↓ Searching for other man Looking from from A to Z Aroused by other flesh I’m a beast A look on the other hand I’ve been sniffing the bads Glitched of your naked face Reading me Am I being bad? Just talk to me Are you not in size To fit my feet And I can’t say why I need attention And I want you bad But I need this game full of lies LE DIOUCK I wanna I wanna Mann ak yaw mou diex tak (Mettre une fin entre toi & moi) Indeed, I’m sick for other gyals it’s a fact I have no hope or where I want to go without you Yakar tassna where I’m going without you ( J’ai plus d’espoir ou je dois aller ; sans toi ) But* Roussoumoko I have no shame I guess baby boo (J’en ai pas honte) I see our end of the road Nobnala ba tey but bayna ce boat (Je t’aime encore mais j’abandonne le bateau) I see, our end of the road Bayna ce boat (J’abandonne ce bateau) Billaye (J’te jure) Bless me, love me Defngako (Tu l’as fait) Yaketima ba ci kaw (Me hisser le plus haut possible ) Trust me Defngako (Tu l’as fait) Wallay sama yaram mi ngui daw sou mlay wéyé (Je te le jure, j’en ai la chaire de poule quand je te chante) Ma ngui dof soumlay wéyé (J’en deviens fou quand je te chante) CRYSTAL MURRAY AM I BEING BAD? Just talk to me Are you not in size to fit my feet Searching for other man Looking from from A to Z Aroused by other flesh I’m a beast I’m a beast A look on the other hand I’ve been sniffing the bads Glitch of your naked face Reading me Reading pe I got the key Don’t let me go Your broken face all on my road my broken tears They can’t let go I smell from here your tired soul Searching I think I did Waiting for you I will I hope we’ll be one day free for you and me A look on what our futur brings I can’t see to clear I see you in my deepest dreams you’re haunting me

Goya - Dilli

'Dilli' is a track composed using sounds we experience in the city. From the chaos of bustling streets to the peaceful nights to soulful soundscapes experienced at Jama Masjid and Gurudwaras. They all make up Delhi. This track was produced as a part of the 'Sounds of the city' project mentored by Yoel Genin (Berklee Instructor, Boston) and funded by MAP Bangalore. Credits : Recorded, produced mixed and mastered by Goya (Abhishek Sekhri) Shot by Aditya Dutta, Shamita Chaudhary, Sujat Roy and Protyasha Pandey Edited by Abhishek Sekhri

Ivory Osidan - Grinding (Official Music Video)

Ivory Osidan Performing Grinding Listen and stream music here: Spotify: Audiomack: Apple Music: Subscribe to Ivory's channel: Follow & Connect with Ivory here: Twitter: Instagram:

Sorg & Napoleon Maddox - Louverture (feat. Jowee Omicil) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

New single of Sorg & Napoleon Maddox featuring Jowee Omicil available for streaming : Upcoming new album in November, 2022. Merchandising (Vinyls, CDs, Digital) on : https://sorgandnapoleonmaddox.bandc... Sorg & Napoleon Maddox on: Facebook : Instagram : Spotify : Soundcloud : Produced by Sans Sucre Records Directed by Visual Break Camera & Drone by Lucas Totems Costumes by Gigi Filmed at Château de Joux, in the cell of Toussaint Louverture, and in the countryside of Doubs, France Voices : Napoleon Maddox Music production & composition : Sorg Saxophone Soprano : Jowee Omicil Trombone : Constantin Meyer Mastered by Thomas Fournier ℗ & © 2022 Sans Sucre Records

High Pulp - "All Roads Lead To Los Angeles" (feat. Jaleel Shaw)

Listen to the full album: "All Roads Lead To Los Angeles" (feat. @Jaleel Shaw) by @High Pulp from the album 'Pursuit of Ends', available now Order, stream & download at Written, Recorded, and Produced by High Pulp Mixed by Bradley Giroux Mastered by Beau Thomas Artwork by Robert Beatty Bobby Granfelt - Drums & Auxiliary Percussion Rob Homan - Nord Stage 2, Moog Sub 37, Sequential Prophet-6, Grand Piano & Hammond Organ Antoine Martel - Behringer Deepmind 12, Nord Electro, Korg Prologue 8, Moog Matriarch + Eurorack System, Moog Minotaur & Guitar Andrew Morrill - Alto Saxophone Victory Nguyen - Flute, Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone & Trumpet Scott Rixon - Bass & Guitar Jaleel Shaw - Alto Saxophone Alex Dugdale - Tenor Saxophone & Bass Clarinet Isaac Poole - Trombone Production Co - MERCHANT Directed by Sara Jade Alfaro Produced by Goldbloom Micomonaco Production Manager - Tyler Klementti 1st Assistant Director - Peter Widdrington Casting By MANN CASTING Zaahira Joseph - Amelia Charmaine Magumbe - Mother Antho Boire - Teacher Alejandro Rizzo Nervo - Student Cinematographer - Grant Cooper 1st Assistant Camera - Cecilia Lee 2nd Assistant Camera - Tom Mangin 3rd Assistant Camera - Karina Akulovich Gaffer - Chris Perkins Key Grip - Timur Aliev Production Designer - Lori Atik Wardrobe Stylist - Rachel Ludlow Key Makeup Artist - Samantha Ryan Makeup Artist Assistant - Victoria Shott Editor Oliver Whitfield-Smith Colour Grade Sam Gilling Graphics by Karly Cywink Locations Provided by Juno College Anga's Greenhouse & Nursery Special Thank you Martino Gabra Kat Zoum The Alfaro Family Colin Walker Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ________________________ FOLLOW ANTI RECORDS ▶ Website: ▶ Instagram: ▶ Facebook: ▶ Twitter: ▶ TikTok: ▶ Spotify: ▶ Apple: ▶ Store: #highpulp #pursuitofends #antirecords

BANDUA - Cinco Sentidos (Official Video)

C I N C O S E N T I D O S by Bandua / BANDUA is a collaborative project between 'Tempura the Purple Boy' & 'Edgar Valente' where downtempo music invites the spirit of Beira Baixa (Portugal) "CINCO SENTIDOS" single available on all digital platforms download at Production/Composition: Tempura (Bernardo D'Addario) Vocals/Keys/Percussion: Edgar Valente Mixing: Pedro Martins Master: Anders Peterson (GS Mastering & Post) released by Frente Bolivarista https://frentebolivarista.bandcamp.... Full album "Bandua" out on 11th February 2022 pre-order available at Video: directed & edited by Cláudia Batalhão dop & grading: Mário Guilherme 1st ac: Manuel Lino ronin: Márcio Enes styling: Sara Peterson producer: Joana Sousa Dias acting by Sara Mercier, Bernardo D'Addario & Edgar Valente __ "CINCO SENTIDOS" (lyrics) eu tinha cinco sentidos já t’os vou distinguir e já os levo perdidos escuta amor se queres ouvir o Primeiro é p’ra te ver meu amor p’ra te ver venho se tu em mim fazes gosto eu maior gosto te tenho o Segundo é p’ra te ouvir quero saber novas tuas trago-te no pensamento passeando pelas ruas o Terceiro é p’ra cheirar no teu peito ramalhete saibas que a minha vontade não é outra se não ver-te o Quarto é p’ra degustar que sabor me tens na boca ausente do teu amor minha língua nada toca e o Quinto era p’ra tocar as tuas mãos com as minhas receber-te em toda a graça costurar as nossas linhas (eu tinha Cinco Sentidos mais uns tantos em comum sem ti eu fico perdido sigo só sendo mais um.) " [popular old poem from Beira Baixa, re-arranged by Edgar Valente] __ follow BANDUA follow Tempura the Purple Boy follow Edgar Valente contact

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