Podcast: Out Of Africa (September 2021)

In this show, we travel from Africa's kora, desert blues from the Sahara desert, the beautiful strings from Cape Verde Islands, through jazz from gipsy influence and finish with a dub in a world music perspective.

Music is the glue that connects humanity as ONE!

(Aired on August 11 on RFM Stereo, from Angola National Radio – Rádio Nacional de Angola)


Track list:

  1. Ludovico Einaudi & Ballaké SissokoMali Sajio
  2. Mamadou DiabatéTunga
  3. Toumani Diabaté & Ballake Sissoko – Bafoulabe
  4. Mamadou DiabatéMoto Moindo
  5. Mbongwana Star – 1 Million C´est Quoi?
  6. BombinoTakamba
  7. OumTaragalte
  8. Juan BauRaquel
  9. Cordas do solLinga Sentontom
  10. Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra – Lule Lule
  11. Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra – Od Ebra do Dunava
  12. Stereo UtopiaAddis Abba
  13. Stereo UtopiaIstanbul Rockers
  14. The Spy From Cairo – Beirut Skank
  15. The Spy from Cairo – Nafas



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