Radio Mukambo 441 – Future Ethiopiques & Gnawatronics


Future Ethiopiques & Gnawatronics

This week Radio Mukambo focuses on two Brussels-based producers that just brought out new material: Ozferti (ethiohop) & Cheb Runner (gnawabeats). Ozferti just released his first full album Solarius Gamma (cd of the week) partly recorded in Ethiopia with live musicians, while Gan Gah presents his new gnawatronics trio Cheb Runner.We also listen to M.Chuzi (afrobeat), MikiMac (ethiojazz), Leo Leobons (candomblé), FurmigaDub (cocostep) and Electric Vocuhila‘s Congolese/Malagasy guitars.

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CD of the week: OzfertiSolarius Gamma


  1. Ozferti feat. Etenesh Wassié – Hagir Fikir (Love of the Country)
  2. Léo Leobons – Obá Ibo
  3. FurmigaDub feat. Alex Madureira – Forró da Lomba
  4. M.Chuzi – Piri Piri
  5. MikiMac – My Ego
  6. Ozferti feat. Sons of Dire Dawa – Selam
  7. Léo Leobons – São Bento para Ramiro (Chico Correa Remix)
  8. Gualajo – El Patakore (Alguacil Dub Killa y ChampetaMan remix)
  9. Electric Vocuhila – Paraky
  10. Ozferti – Purple Sand
  11. Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew & Baja Frequencia – To the Beat Yo
  12. Cheb Runner feat. Maâlem Driss Filali – Jawgnawa
  13. NOMÅGIK – Arôme de Jasmin (Aroma of Jasmin)

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