Safe & Sounds: Safe & Sounds #89 – Umut Adan

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This Corona stuff really sucks ey! Since we might all be bound by borders for a while, we’d like to come together and share some happiness in the shape of a playlist or mix!

In the next days and weeks, check out Safe & Sounds, where we will figuratively introduce you to and put you in touch with music whizzes, featuring their selections, collections and picks from all around the globe.

Be “Safe & Sounds” and wash your hands!

I did this playlist to give listeners a sense of travel. Many of us will not be able to travel this summer. At least when we closed our eyes to music, I wanted us to feel like we were in a remote and beautiful land. Of course, not forgetting what happened, but bringing a little peace and a bit of colour in our eyes.

(Umut Adan)


The Paragons – The Tide Is High
Jonathan Richman and Modern Lovers – Abdul and Cleopatra
Os Mutantes – A Minha Menina
Bunalımlar – Başak Saçlım
Grup Bunalım – Taş Var Köpek Yok
Capitain Beefheart & His Magic Band – Zig Zag Wonderer
Jennifer Gentle – I Do Dream You
Fikret Kızılok – Deniz Üstü Köpürür
Bombino – Azamane Tiliade
Wooden Ships – Eclipse
Ulan Bator – Pensées Massacre
Megapuss – Adam and Steve
Devendra Banhart – Samba Vexilographica


Umut Adan is a Turkish musician born and bred in Istanbul. Since he was a kid, he was exposed to a variety of cultural influences and soon came under the spell of folk music, with a particular interest for 70’s Anadolu Pop, The folk rock movement that became the soundtrack of a historic period full of amazing transitions and dramatic changes.

Next to being a musician, Umut is also a political scientist and trilingual. He currently lives in Istanbul and he is determined to carry on the Anatolian legacy.



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