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Safe & Sounds: Safe & Sounds #92 – Fedzilla

Safe & Sounds: Safe & Sounds #92 – Fedzilla

This Corona stuff really sucks ey! Since we might all be bound by borders for a while, we’d like to come together and share some happiness in the shape of a playlist or mix! In the next days and weeks, check out Safe & Sounds, where we will figuratively introduce you...
Visions of Sound  (June 2020)

Visions of Sound (June 2020)

Every month, we bring you a collection of the best world music-related videos. That’s our way to give value to too often overlooked, rich and diverse artistic expressions. Listen with your eyes!   Watch the full playlist:
Preview: Mungo’s Hi-Fi @ Phonox (London; Wednesday 4th March 2020)

Preview: Mungo’s Hi-Fi @ Phonox (London; Wednesday 4th March 2020)

Since 2000, Mungo Hi-Fi has been redefining the concept of soundsystem by bringing it back to basics using techniques such as  mixing, blending, stretching and manipulating the canonical dub, dancehall and reggae vibes with global influences. Throughout the 20 years of its uptempo career, the Glaswegian crew has taken its sounds...
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