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Date Event name City/Town Venue
21 Apr The Turbans Debut Album Launch – London London Islington Assembly Hall
25 May HowTheLightGetsIn 2018 Hereford HowTheLightGetsIn Festival

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Preview: The Turbans UK Tour (UK-wide; 12th April to 26th May 2018)

Forget about the words ‘gig’, ‘concert’, and ‘music performance’, The Turbans’ live shows are parties: flaming, rutilant and exhilarating events. It couldn’t be otherwise when it comes to a band that displays such fast BPMs and energies when on stage. Throughout the next two months, they will liven up and…

Artists: The Turbans

Interview: Oshan ‘Danger’ Mahony, The Turbans – ‘Gipsyness from Head to Wheels’ (April 2018)  

Ladies and gentlemen, come near and bask in the earthy sound of the oddest band alive! Believe it or not, the most free-spirited, erratic and whimsical collective of the UK global sound scene has finally settled down for a bit – just long enough for The Turbans‘ wagon to roam…

Artists: The Turbans

Album Review: The Turbans – s/t [Six Degrees Records; April 2018]

The Turbans announce their arrival with an eclectic self-titled debut album, which takes inspiration from all around the world. Released on Six Degrees Records on April 6th, The Turbans’ whirlwind album is similar to taking a trip around the world in 80 days. You may struggle to find a corner…

Artists: The Turbans

Review: BalkanBeats London @ The New Empowering Church (London, 21st June 2014)

More than sure hits, BalkanBeats nights are smash hits. They lure dozen of Balkan rhythms enthusiasts and they never do no wrong. You already know, when you buy your ticket, that you are going to dance all night long, until the daybreak. And if you add to this with such…

Artists: Into The Moon , The Turbans

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