Album Review: Miramundo – s/t [10th December 2016]


Let’s clear all sort of doubts from the beginning; Miramundo and their self-titled debut album could only come from the cultural fabric of a city like Barcelona. They are the perfect embodiment of the lively and colourful, but also absorbed in its local dimension music scene of the Catalonian capital.

Furthermore, the origins of the four musicians are additional proof: Desiree, Agostino, Luiz and Ernesto (respectively vocals, violin, guitar and double bass of the band) epitomize in their passports the ‘alma Latina’ of the sound of the band. In fact, from the introductive “Avoa” to the closing “Lights and Bikes”, Brazilian MPB and bossa-nova, Spanish flamenco, and Italian folk song-writing are the protagonists of an album that sounds like a prolonged ballad.

Miramundo is indeed sensitive, serene and soothing. It reveals its dreams, narrates its journeys, ruminates over artists’ vicissitudes and tactfully talks about love; it friendly chats with its listener about everyday life. That’s arguably why, every now and then, the tunes written by Luiz Murá and music partners take refuge in the intimate, almost confidential tone.

This can also be identified as the limit and (self) constraint of the work. Instead of setting free its feelings and melodies, as successfully happens in “Avoa”, “Alma de Papel” and “En el Mar”, the album often looks inwards. Instead of developing and nourishing the distinctive identities cohabiting the project, Miramundo anchors them in a safe harbour represented by jazzy arrangements and its interpreters’ musicianship.

As a matter of fact, the four musicians and their guests are not freshers when it comes to writing and playing songs. Despite Miramundo being the first production of the ensemble, all the artists have rich music careers on their back, which is something easily recognisable by the way they proceed through the ten chapters of the album. It goes without saying that, with an extra pinch of audacity and confidence in their abilities, Miramundo can sanguinely nurture and grow their captivating artistic souls, and enrich even further the Barcelona cultural panorama.

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