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20:40, 31th July 2016

21:30, 31th July 2016

20:10, 31th July 2016

Partying Kinshasa style with Baloji on the open air stage

18:20, 31th July 2016

Griselda backstage interviewing Diabel Cissokho

18:10, 31th July 2016

17:30, 31th July 2016

16:00, 31th July 2016

If people call you the ‘Godfather of funk’ and your music career spans over six decades, there must be a reason. When it comes to George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, the reasons are dozens and the saxophonist from Kannapolis demonstrated all of them yesterday night. He played on the Womad Open Air Stage supported by a bunch of stunning and outstanding musicians and proved another time to be one of the coolest artists around. His infectious, groovy and buoyant vibes got everyone dancing for more than an hour and can easily grab the title highlight of the 2016 edition of the Festival.

14:30, 31th July 2016

Anita Tijoux never disappoints. You can be sure that, once on stage, she will express all her temper, personality and feelings about the current events. Yesterday evening, she jumped on the Siam Stage and with the support of her band she recalls some of the most meaningful songs of her career like “Shock”, “Vengo” and her latest single “Calaveritas”.

1:55, 31th July 2016


12:30, 31th July 2016

Sunshine brought out the WOMAD Festival crowds for Amaraterra on Friday, all the way from Salento in the heel of Italy. Pizzica is a traditional dance from the region, and the group certainly got the crowd moving at the BBC Radio 3 Charlie Gillett stage, giving a lively demonstration with their powerful singers, tamburellos, mandola and even a percussive bottle!

20:53, 30th July 2016

Into the evening last night, Flamenco star Buika entranced the crowd with her smile and intense songs of love and tragedy.

19:50, 30th July 2016

19:19, 30th July 2016

We “went to see them play” and enjoyed every single minute of it. Sidestepper​ brought their Afro-Colombian groove to WOMAD Festival​ and it was simply “chevere!”

Read our interview with them earlier this year here

17:32, 30th July 2016

Just witnessed the brilliant 30-year reunion of Songhai – kora king Toumani Diabate with flamenco guitarists Juan & Jose Carmona & Javier Colina plus a fantastic trio of supporting Malian vocalists and the tightest Spanish percussion section ever. Truly wonderful stuff! Great to revisit this classic album.

15:48, 30th July 2016

La Mambanegra got us off to a lively start introducing the crowd to their high-energy ‘break salsa’ in the Siam tent. Led by Jacobo Vélez in his slick white suit and mirror shades the energy and interaction of the group instantly got everyone dancing.

15:39, 30th July 2016

In the Siam tent yesterday French Lebanese Trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf (who has worked with the likes of Salif Keita and Amadou & Mariam) came at the crowd with his hard-hitting jazz & rock. Imbued with the flavours of his Arabic heritage there was great interaction with the crowd, ensuring a high-energy instrumental blast from start to finish.

16:40, 29th July 2016

Amaraterra Playing a live session on Womad Radio.  If you liked these guys check out our interview with them just last month, click here

15:25, 29th July 2016

Columbian music from La Mambanegra on the Siam Stage.  Click here to checkout their latest album review.

13:30, 29th July 2016

Picture from last nights Asian Dub Foundation Performance.  See our interview with last year here

13:30am, 29th July 2016

20:00 28th July 2016

Click here to download our PDF 5 A Day Guide To WOMAD 2016


13:30, 29th July 2016

11:00am, 28th July 2016


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