News: Sounds and Colours – 10 Years Anniversary Compilation

S&C compilation

In times when culture and music online magazines’ lifespan is shorter than the one of a fly, to enjoy for 10 years the words, sounds, pictures and videos of a reference like Sounds and Colours is a real blessing.

Since 2010, the Latin-American focussed website has guided us (and arguably millions of other visitors) to discover, learn about and support cultural expressions from the Latin American world and its diaspora, allowing us to feel and be part of a good and proper community.

So, we don’t just hope you’ll join us in wishing them Feliz Cumpleaños and looking forward towards 10, 20… 100 (?) more years of Latin American culture on their pages, but we also invite you to have a look and listen to (next to donate for) their fresh out of the oven compilation, part of their 10th Anniversary Fundraiser.

You will find 24 gems covering the full spectrum of Latin sounds from cumbia to bossa nova, forrò, tango, Afro-Colombian vibes, tex-mex and much, much more!

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