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Willy-nilly, it’s that time of the year again, when you have to deal with the Christmas list.

Luckily, the Sounds and Colours guys have made things easier this December. Their latest guide, the fourth of the series after Colombia, Brazil and Peru-dedicated monographs, is just fresh off the press, and will take you to discover Argentina in all its cultural forms and manifestations.


“Music, film, literature, art and folkloric traditions” are just some of the subjects explored by Russ Slater and fellow Argentinian experts in this 200-page compendium, with sounds representing an essential magnifying glass, through which the history and lifestyle of the country is exposed.


From digital cumbia to hip-hop, and from 1970s experimental rock to Afro-Argentine heritage, you’ll experience a full immersion in the musical environment of the South American nation. But, if you’ll have enough of notes, rhythms and melodies, you also have the opportunity to learn more about Third Cinema, Brutalist architecture in Buenos Aires, seminal figure of Borges and local street-art.

In a nutshell, you’ll be allowed to travel from Patagonia to Gran Chaco through features dedicated to the country’s past, present and future. To make things even more appealing, Sounds and Colours and Buenos Aires-based label Concepto Cero have compiled and enclosed with the book a compilation of cutting-edge tunes, displaying the contemporary music scene of the capital and beyond.


…Because “Argentina is far more than tango, Nobel laureates, Maradona and a good steak”.

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