Preview: Derek Gripper & Paolo Angeli @ Rich Mix (London, 12th February 2017)


In a few days, two of the world’s most unique guitarists will perform a double bill for one night only at East London’s Rich Mix. And what a perfect name for a venue hosting musicians like Derek Gripper and Paolo Angeli, given both their rich and unusual fusions of musical genres, merging tradition and innovation.

Angeli’s prepared Sardinian guitar is a mini orchestra in itself, with its labyrinth of multi-directional strings, hammers, pedals and propellers being just as mesmerising to look at as it is to listen to.

Gripper’s set, though seemingly simple visually with his untampered classical guitar, creates music that is far from ordinary – performing his painstaking transcriptions and exquisite interpretations of West African kora music.

Both approach the guitar in remarkably different ways, and it is this coming together of their equally inspiring approaches under one roof that is definitely an experience not to be missed.

Get into Derek Gripper & Paolo Angeli’s tour mood listening to an introductory podcast published by Making Tracks and presented by Colin Bass: two solo guitars like never before!

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