Event Preview: Garifuna Collective @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Thursday 4th August 2022)

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Being in the presence of a music institution doesn’t happen every day… But that’s what will occur on the 4th of August if you head for the Jazz Cafe in Camden. 

The Garifuna Collective, a larger-than-life, rhythmic reference of Belizean, Central American and Afro-Caribbean culture at-large, are indeed going to pay a very rare visit to London to showcase all the colours, scents and flavours of their centuries-old tradition.

Together with Aurelio, the collective from Dangriga can be considered the true torchbearer of the lush and stimulating Garifuna culture, which initially took shape in the 17th century after slave ships from Western Africa were shipwrecked off the coast of St. Vincent.

The band, which was co-founded in the mid-2000s by arguably the most significant Garifuna musician, the late Andy Palacios, have highlighted and are still emphasising the place of Belize on the world-music world map, reviving and reinterpreting its Afro-Indigenous repertoire, and spreading it all over the world.

On Thursday the 4th of August, encounter and experience a quintessential blend of West African and Caribbean rhythms and harmonies through the vibrant rootsy sound of Garifuna Collective.


- You can still buy your ticket/s for the event following THIS LINK -

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