Event Preview: Seas of Mirth @ The Post Bar (London; Saturday 5th March 2022)

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All Hand Hoy lads and get ready for a night like no other! 

On Saturday the 5th of March, from their East Midlands mooring, the nine old salts serving as the Seas of Mirth crew will unfurl the sails of their “magic galleon” and set forth to town for their very first London gig at The Post Bar…and you can be as sure as the Northern Star, it’s going to be something else!

The Tottenham venue will sink into musical bliss, plunging into the sea abyss where merfolk, kraken, giant serpents and squids hide.

From 7PM till 1AM, they will all break free to stretch their sea legs and dance with you in a frenzied “sub marine dream” made of psychedelic waves, folksy tunes and stories, and a flood of Gipsy and Balkan rhythms that will rock the venue good and proper.

At the helm, Seas of Mirth seadogs will be joined by funky blues-rock trio Hot Head Show, DJ Gorilla Man and his kaleidoscopic set and some very special guests!

So, don’t be a landlubber! Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen, Seas of Mirth’s musical magic galleon is ready to sail off!


- Tickets available HERE -

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