Event Preview: Grupo Lokito @ Woolwich Works (London; Saturday 4th June 2022)


Afro-Latin music in every form and shape on the 4th of June in Woolwich. Woolwich Works will indeed be the stage for an evening to the event exploring Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and their cultural bond.

Reasserting the Atlantic connection and showcasing exhilarating styles like rumba, salsa and mambo, Grupo Lokito will guide you through a sonic journey throughout Western and Central Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to discover the origin and new expressions of the Afro-Latin soul and encourage you to dance to it.

The London-based musicians are indeed impassioned devotees to sounds coming from across the Atlantic Ocean, reviving the Congolese-Latin bond fusing salsa with rumba through tireless and rapturous performances.

No plans for the June Bank Holiday weekend yet? So, comfort yourself in the sunshiny sounds and vibes of Grupo Lokito!


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