Event Preview: Penny Penny @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Saturday, 6th August 2022)

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Artists as original as Penny Penny who plays Camden’s Jazz Cafe Saturday 6th August aren’t (incoming pun) two a penny…

Earning his nickname on his merits as a breakdancer, Penny Penny has been dubbed the “Shangaan disco king” for proudly representing his South African Tsonga culture and his is a story of tenacity, chance meetings, and DIY disco. You can witness all this when the Awesome Tapes From Africa artist comes to Camden.

Rewind to 1994 and Penny is working as a janitor in a Jo’burg recording studio when he persuades producer Joseph Shirimani to record his debut cassette, Shaka Bundu

Surprising everyone (except Penny) the album goes on to move 250,000 copies in South Africa and is certified double platinum.

Since then there’s been no stopping Penny – from entering politics, to starring in his own reality TV series. 

Sure to bring the bass (and maybe even demonstrate his prowess on the dancefloor) don’t miss this hot ticket from an artist who pretty much created his own genre.

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