Playlist: Walthamstow Garden Party @ Lloyd Park, Walthamstow (London; Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July 2019)

WGP 2019 digital image

It’s that time of the year again; when one of our favourite festivals will brighten up Lloyd Park in Walthamstow. On 13th and 14th July, Walthamstow Garden Party will be back with its two days jam-packed with dance, arts and crafts, circus performances, and food and drinks. However, as is usually the case, our attention is focussed on the exciting music programme, presenting musicians from all over the world and for everyone’s taste.

The Barbican Music Stage will once again be the focal point of the event, hosting well-known musicians, like Mayra Andrade and her Cape-Verdean-inspired electro pop, London born-and-bred jazz vocalist Zara McFarlane, the dream collaboration between Amadou & Mariam and The Blind Boys of Alabama, Colombian larger-than-life salsa troupe La33, next to more up-and-coming but still quality acts, like The Bongo Hop, Renegade Brass Band and Tássia Reis.

To give you a more exhaustive idea of the sixth edition of Walthamstow Garden Party, we have put together a video playlist.

La-33 - Majadera - Video Oficial

“No me llames tan temprano, negra, que yo no quiero ir todavía” Canción que hace parte de “Si Tú Quieres Salsa - Lado A" Compositores: Diego Sánchez Y Wilmer Vallejo Grabado en Estudios Audiovisión y SMR Producido por: La-33 y Juan Carlos Pellegrino Ingenieros de grabación: Kiko Castro y Juan Carlos Pellegrino Ingeniero de mezcla: Juan Carlos Pellegrino REALIZACIÓN VIDEO: Idea Original: Santiago Mejía y María Catalina Sandoval Dirección y Edición: María Catalina Sandoval Producción: Santiago Mejía y María Catalina Sandoval Asistente de producción: Roland Nieto ACTORES: Edinson Velásquez «Lencho» - Taxista Camila Arrázola – Majadera Pasajeros: Sergio Mejia, Santiago Mejía, David Cantillo "Malpelo", Roland Nieto, Natalia Cuellar, Diego Sánchez, Javier Galavis, Nhazly Sabina, Alejandro Pérez, Juan David Fernández "Palo", Mauricio Rodríguez, José Miguel Vega "El Profe", Ray Fuquen, Guillermo Celis y Vladimir Romero. Gracias a Nil Lozano por prestarnos el taxi. Escucha la mejor salsa con La-33 y consigue nuestro último disco "Si Tu Quieres Salsa" en VISÍTANOS SUSCRÍBETE:

The Bongo Hop (ft. Cindy Pooch) - San Gabriel [Official Video]

The Bongo Hop is the new afro caribean project presented by french trumpetist Etienne Sevet. On Satingarona pt 1, friends from his Colombian years, like vocalist Nidia Gongora (the voice of Ondatropica and Quantic, whom he’d discovered and filmed in 2003 as she was the unknown singer of folkloric ensemble Socavon), rapper Maikcel (Zalama crew), but also famous producer multinstrumentalist Patchworks (Voilaaa, the Dynamics, Taggy Matcher, Uptown Funk Empire) among others, join in for his first musical travel diary, inspired by 8 years as a Cali resident. #colombia #quantic #ondatropica #latin Satingarona, Pt. 2 out Feb. 22nd 2019 ! Satingarona, Pt. 1 out now. Stream : - CD/LP : Underdog Records - Subscribe: Listen to Satingarona, Pt. 1 in full here : -- Underdog Records latest releases : -- Follow The Bongo Hop : Facebook : -- Follow Undergod Records: Facebook : Twitter : Website : Booking / Publishing / Licencing : -- Réalisation : HUGO COHEN & TOM BOUCHET -- Production : PRODDS & UNDERDOG RECORDS --- LYRICS Cuando san gabriel bajo y le dio l'ave maria no se si le alcanzaria   Jesucristo a nues... …tro reino Cuando san gabriel bajo oro mi niño dios Cuando san gabriel bajo oro mi niño dios Y le dio l'ave maria oro mi niño dios No se si le alcanzaria oro mi niño dios No se si le alcanzaria oro mi niño dios Jesucristo a nuestro reino oro mi niño dios Jesucristo a nuestro reino oro mi niño dios Arullo mi niño arrullo mi dios oro mi niño dios Arullo mi niño y arrullo mi dios oro mi niño dios O Chigualito chigualatero,  o chigualito o chigualatero A casar me quiero con un canero a casar me quiero con un canero A canchimala o a tamborero  a canchimala oye tamborero Si no me caso mejor me muero, si no me caso hoy mejor me muero Hoy angelito se va pa'l cielo,  hoy angelito hoy se va pa'l cielo O Chigualatiando chigualatero, chigualatiando hoy chigualateo O Chigualito O chigualatero Cuando san gabriel bajo y le dio l'ave maria No se si le alcanzaria Jesucristo a nues… …tro reiiino

Mayra Andrade - Pull Up (Official Video)

Listen to "Pull Up" here : New album "Manga" out now : --- Prod: Hi Five @hifive_production Réalisateur: @hamadoufredericbalde Chef Operateur: @benjaminramalho Monteuse @erin__bowser Etalonneur @guillaumeschmitter Make-up / hair: @nadeenmatekyofficiel Make-up (water): @ididthemakeup Styliste Mayra: @oumeih Styliste danseurs Dakar: @marchenoirlomeparis Styliste danseurs Paris: @maia_._kemp Chorégraphe: @carmelloanga Danseurs Paris @fe_roz @perebisou @_karimkh Danseurs Dakar @jsc_flame @salimatadi_op @pepe.walabok @ashleysalla @ayivorpeter @dope_mn56 @dexterbravoorootz @kirsner_cortex @radmila.rocha @kvl_kili @bbatg @nelda_hamchillia @jay_creator_ --- Follow Mayra Andrade on: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Website: --- Lyrics - PULL UP : (Mayra Andrade / Ben-Hur Fidalgo) Ora ki N fla amarelu Es ta fla "kuza é ka si" Ora ki N pega na pretu Renki palpiti : “É así, é asadu, sta mariadu, ka podi, Atenson ku aparénsia, mutu kuidadu” Pull Up! Pull Up! Nhôs dexa-n livri pa N ser Kel ki realmenti mi N é Kor di kanela, un dosi margôs di laranja Forti o frájil na boa, dengóza o verdi na próza Un loka na meiu di gamboa Di pundi ki mi N konxe-u? Pull up! Pull up! Kel dia N xinti un róza Es fla ma “azul é midjor” Foi la ki N bisti di azul Es grita “Lilás k’é kor!” Mi é livri, krê ô bu ka krê! Pull up! Pull up! - Lyrics - PULL UP : (Mayra Andrade / Ben-Hur Fidalgo) When I say yellow They say “that’s not right” When I take black They line up with their two cents, saying “It’s like this, it’s like that, that’s no good, you can’t do this Watch how it will look, be careful!” Pull up! Pull up! Let me be free to be What I really am Cinnamon hued, a bitter candied orange Cool whether I’m strong or weak, sweet or green with my prose A madwoman in the crowd Tell me, where do I know you from? Pull up! Pull up! The day I felt pink They said “blue is better” So I dressed in blue And they all shouted “Purple is the color!” I’m free whether you like it or not! Pull up! Pull up!e free to be What I really am Cinnamon hued, a bitter candied orange Cool whether I’m strong or weak, sweet or green with my prose A madwoman in the crowd Tell me, where do I know you from? Pull up! Pull up! The day I felt pink They said “blue is better” So I dressed in blue And they all shouted “Purple is the color!” I’m free whether you like it or not! Pull up! Pull up!

K.O.G - Money (Pidgin Poetry)

K.O.G and film maker Freddie Kofi filmed this piece MONEY. A short commentary about the stresses and strains money causes in AFRICA.

Change is Gonna Come Promo Final Cut

Carleen Anderson shares some of the music she has arranged for A Change is Gonna Come.

Bamako to Birmingham featuring Amadou & Mariam and Blind Boys of Alabama

Our Sunday night headliners are the exciting collaboration between Amadou and Mariam and Blind Boys of Alabama. Find out more here

Zara McFarlane - Fussin' and Fightin' - Later… with Jools Holland - BBC Two

See more at Zara McFarlane performs Fussin' and Fightin' on Later… with Jools Holland, BBC Two (24 October 2017)

Tássia Reis - Ansiejazz | Clipe Oficial

Ouça em todas as plataformas digitais: Videoclipe Oficial da Faixa "Ansiejazz", Single, 2019. Siga nas redes sociais: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Letra: Essa ansiedade que já não me cabe, me atrapalha um pouco, acho que já sabe Mas juro que vou Me tranquilizar durante a tarde Só pra a noite eu desfrutar do seu calor Delicia de amor Viver essa adversidade, morar em outra cidade é um misto de saudade com um pouco de dor Uma dor boa uma intensidade É só felicidade quando eu posso sentir o sabor, ser dona da oportunidade Apreciando cada parte com a certeza que dou, todo o meu amor e honestidade Sempre inteira, nunca metade Do jeito que sou. Ficha Técnica: Equipe Direção E Fotografia – Camila Tuon E Marcela Tissot Assistente De Direção - Renan Moraes Letra - Tássia Reis Produção Musical - Jhow Produz Equipe De Produção – Clara Barbosa, Renan Moraes, Mathias Pape, Melanie Swidrak, Mari Santos, Charlie Noir Equipe De Arte – Camila Tuon, Mathias Pape, Mari Santos, Charlie Noir, Renan Moraes, Melanie Swidrak Maquiagem – Daniele Da Mata Figurino – Lídia Thays Edição – Aline Barros Correção De Cor – Maria Angélica Cesarotti Locação – Centro Da Terra Musica gravada, mixada e masterizada no C4 Studio, por Luís Lopes. Apoio: Zero 35 Filmes Betinha Ganymedes Buraco Bar Teatro Centro da Terra #TassiaReis #Próspera #Ansiejazz

Orquesta Akokán - Yo Soy para Tí

Orquesta Akokán - Yo Soy para Tí “Yo Soy para Tí” from the self-title debut album Orquesta Akokán to be released on March 30, 2018 on Daptone Records. Filmed in Havana, Cuba - February 2018 Available on Produced by Jacob Plasse Arranged by Mike Eckroth Written by José “Pepito” Gómez Appearing In the Video from Left to Right Jacob Plasse (Tres) Jamil Schery Calderon (Tenor Saxophone) Evaristo Denis (Baritone Saxophone) Harold Madrigal Frias (Trumpet) Reinaldo Melián (Trumpet) Yoandy Argudin Ferrer (Trombone) Heikel Fabián Trimiño (Trombone) César López (Alto Saxophone / Flute) Jose Luis Hernandez “El Chewy” (Tenor Sax) Roberto Jr Vizcaino Torre (Percussion) José “Pepito” Gómez (Lead Vocals) Not in View Mike Eckroth - Piano

Renegade Brass Band - Junktion (Live at Abbey Road Studios)

One of RBB's first ever tracks, recorded live in Studio 2 at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Recorded September 2016 Film & Edit: Charlie Jepson & James Fryer

LEMZI - B.O.T.S. [Official Music Video]

DEBUT ALBUM "LEKI" OUT NOW VIA B.O.T.S. aka Blood On The Streets available on all digital platforms: TURN ON CAPTIONS/SUBTITLES FOR LYRICS. Keep your dreams, your aspirations it don't mean you have to Stand on stages stop procrastinating, eff the man that's hating Have to stand and brave it, it's your preparation for your greatness I wanna see you free, this is my emancipation! Visit for more music and details: Additional Vocals by Wyllis - Produced by WYT KYT. Daanish Butt & Jordan Budgen Shot & Edited by CRESCO SMG - © LEMZI LTD
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Watch the full playlist:

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There are small musical miracles around if we are open to going beyond the usual festival circuit. One of them happens every August (since 1996) in Southern Italy. For four days and nights, Ariano Folk Festival enlightens the Campanian town of Ariano Irpino and brings music from all over the world…

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A few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to attend one of the highlights of the London’s music calendar: Amadou & Mariam.  The Malian couple delighted the Koko audience presenting their brand new work Bofou Safou and performing an exciting sold-out gig supported by London born-and-bred hip-hop narrator Afrikan Boy. Here’s what we saw and…

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