Preview: Afla Sackey Presents Ghana’s Highlife Groove @ Jazz Café (London; Friday 23rd February 2018)

afla jazz cafe

A truly special evening at Jazz Café London will host a group of highlife music aficionados that is very likely to bring up the Ghanaian spirit of the ‘King of Highlife’.

Highlife music airs meandering horn sounds melting with a travelling guitar’s voice, accompanied by up-tempo, enhanced clave rhythms. The reason why Friday the 23rd is such a special date, and the underlying hint for you to purchase a ticket ASAP, is because London-based Ghanaian-born music spreader Afla Sackey has put together an exclusive line-up of musicians which is going to inject the Jazz Café’s audience with some quality Ghanaian highlife musical grooves. You definitely don’t want to miss this one-time-only gathering of musical talents, driven by the evoking charm of Afla Sackey.

The performance is bound to blend Afla’s bright voice and infectious blood-driven drumming with full-bodied cadences of handpicked musicians, all of whom are well-established personalities in London’s Afrojazz and Afrobeat fusion music scenes – to name a few, Susso’s bassist and producer Huw Bennett and Maisha’s drummer Jake Long.

To experience it all, Friday the 23rd February is the date to mark when a thick cast of London-based savvy players, interpreting Ghana’s highlife on lively channels and synth augmented pace, will offer you a peerless quality time.

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