Preview: Amaraterra + DJ Aly Prince @ Hootananny (London; Sunday 26th April 2020)

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One Sunday night in Autumn 2018, they turned Hootananny upside down with their frenzied pizzica and taranta rhythms. So, we thought it was time to set the tarantula free and let it bite Brixton once again.

On the 26th of April, Amaraterra will liberate into South London all the Mediterranean-scented warmth and colours of the Southern Italy and Greek music tradition, entrancing you with one of their brilliantly impassioned performances.

London, expect the aforementioned pizzica and taranta from Apulia, Campania and Calabria regions, but also intense rebetiko music, a bit of operatic folk, and wild, wild dances!

To welcome and say goodbye to you, we present the eclectic and vintage selection of Amaraterra’s trusted DJ, Aly Prince.

It might be the end of April, but you will already feel the first Summer vibes.

Events By This Artist

Date Event name City/Town Venue
04 Nov Arsenal of Sounds – Amaraterra & Simo Lagnawi London Woolwich Works

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