Preview: Antibalas @ Jazz Cafe (London; Friday 19th April 2019)


Antibalas bring the energy of afrobeat and jazz, and the fire of funk and dub, modelled from Fela Kuti’s band, Africa 70. The afrobeat orchestra are celebrating their twentieth year as a band on Daptone Records at London’s Jazz Cafe.

Although well versed in their original songs, which blend all the above tendencies to create seriously groovy, movable maestro tunes, they are also renowned in their rights as musicians, as they were asked to play the music to the Broadway stage production Fela!, in which they mastered the genius’ body of work.

In true Fela tradition of working insanely hard, the band will play the Jazz Cafe near the end of a 30 date tour, many days of which are back to back – perhaps this is why the timings are gracefully early for a Friday. So, be sure to get down there quick, ready to dance!

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