Preview: Apparat + K Á R Y Y N @ The Barbican (London; Saturday 27th April 2019)


Apparat returns to solo touring after 6 years to offer a spectacle of pop-techno that will make you want to get out your seat and dance.

German producer, Apparat, performs his new solo album at the Barbican with support from LA-based K Á R Y Y N. The performance begins the tour of LP5. Receiving mixed reviews across the electronic music press, the album is the first solo album since 2013, with Apparat’s key point of creative focus being Moderat prior to this. Moderat’s ‘Bad Kingdom’ remains one of the great dancefloor classics across clubs the world over, especially when mixed by DJ Koze – the standards were very high.

This performance is perhaps being carried by Apparat’s name rather than what we know about the album. This will be a spectacle – there will be visuals, loud music and great stage presence. However, it is essentially a pop-techno performance in a seated venue. If you do find yourself wanting to get up to dance, it isn’t really possible.

A space that is more suited to mediated and orchestral-based techno, this would be a far more anticipated show if it was a performance of Krieg Und Frieden (Music for Theatre); something suited to the classical and brutal minimalism of the Barbican Centre that can be enjoyed from the exceptionally comfortable and spacious seats of the Barbican Main Hall.

Saying that, it is completely sold out; there is no doubt it will be spectacular in its own way, so what do I know?

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