Preview: Argentina Fest – Cultura y Pasión @ The Forge (London, 21st & 22nd May 2016)


Next weekend, The Forge will go full Argentinian!

In fact, on the 21st and 22nd of May, the Camden venue will host some fine South American musicians and some of the most popular aspects of their music tradition.

Guillermo Rozenthuler, Franco Luciani, Cecilia Suarez-Paz, Duettango and Minino Garay will display on stage the musical quintessence of their country, which stretches from the folkloric tunes coming from La Pampa and the Andes regions to the characteristic Tango porteño (from Buenos Aires).

Argentina Fest: Cultura y Pasión will be a two-day celebration of Argentinian songwriting recalling the figure of Mercedes Sosa and lively Latin influences from all over the Continent. But it will also be about exquisite jazz-infused harmonies and instrumental virtuosity.

So if you want to catch and enjoy some pure Argentinian buena onda…join the The Forge tribe!

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