Preview: Auntie Flo (Live), Darkhouse Family & Sunken – Jazz Café (London; Thursday 14th March 2019)


Rhythm Section and Bradley Zero will be at the Jazz Café this Thursday to host Auntie Flo live from the heart of Camden. Hailing from Glasgow, Auntie Flo has been a long-time favourite behind the decks, known for his meaty vinyl sets, world grooves and ‘Afro-futurist’ sound.

Five months after the release of Radio Highlife, an album that smashed the bar through the ceiling, expect an eclectic mix of global rhythms enriched with a world of field recordings and brought to life with a full band. The culmination of a seven-year trip, studio sessions, the spirit of Bali, the warmth of Cuba and soundscapes from all over the world, this is the climax of a journey through communities, into the ears of a musical mastermind, tastefully arranged into an album released on Brownwood Recordings. Prepare to be transported through space and time in a performance guaranteed to be electric.

Darkhouse Family will be joining the stage with an energetic mix of hip hop, drum and bass and house. The Cardiff based duo, Earl Jeffers & Don Leisure, will be adding some Welsh rarebit to the mix with their dancefloor bangers. Warming up the evening is South London based Sunken, so anticipate ethereal vocals with uplifting bass lines.

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