Preview: Bollywood Brass Band with Jyotsna Srikanth – Carnatic Connection Album Launch @ Rich Mix (London, 9th December 2016)


Ok, so they probably haven’t reinvented the Bollywood imaginary… actually, how can you possibly think about reinventing it? But they surely gave it a twist, transporting the characteristic Indian style under Big Ben.

Bollywood Brass Band are something more than a tribute band or devoted interpreters of a tradition: they absorbed that tradition, made it their own and today, present it using an original formula, which implies a gargantuan tuba, ‘no string attached’ and rhythm to spare.

On 9th December at Rich Mix, they will introduce you to their new album Carnatic Connection and sparkling sound, built on covers of Golden Age of Bollywood soundtracks. You’ll dance with them, enjoy clips from movies and also be delighted by the musicianship of their latest music travel companion Jyotsna Srikanth.

Finally, let us say that we have grown quite fond of Bollywood Brass Band. They are one of the first acts that we enthusiastically covered on our website two years ago and we still can’t recommend them enough.

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