Preview: Boomtown Fair 2018 @ Matterley Estate (Winchester; Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th August 2018)


Boomtown Fair is not just an ordinary festival but a truly immersive experience. It’s now in its tenth edition and this year has the theme ‘The Machine Cannot Be Stopped’. It creates a performance environment which follows a story, drawing from previous chapters of the Boomtown tale to involve you within its world.

The main difference between Boomtown and other music festivals is the artistic development towards its immersive environment; fourteen distinct districts all with a unique feel to give a sense of being somewhere else. There’ll be a couple of new districts opening up this year, including Paradise Heights, with tropical and global beats music. With acts such as Mancunian funk and soul band Jenna & The Gs, theatre turned raunchy-blues gospel group Oh My God! It’s the Church, and electric-swing rap group Cut Capers.

You can also find jazz, soul, global fusion, blues and reggae in Whistlers Green from acts such as neo-soul singer Bilal and ambient electronic acts like Maribou State. In Old Town you can find Balkan fusion and folk punk along with circus characters, dotted around acts like Turkish psychedelic band BaBa ZuLa, and riotous country swing from the likes of Larry and His Flask. Each of the fourteen districts is host to a large amount of acts with a lot of variation in between.

The headlining bands this year are Gorillaz – a fictional electronic band with a lot of well-known musical collaborators – South African electronic/hip-hop group Die Antwoord, and Limp Bizkit, a rock band that creates a heavy sound, fusing rock with rap vocals. Gorillaz and Die Antwoord can be found in the Lion’s Den district and Limp Bizkit are performing in the Town Centre.

Boomtown argues that it is an experience like no other; a world of dazzling communities that borders heavily upon art.

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