Preview: Boubacar Kafandò & Zaama Nooma Band + Fenomeno Show @ Fox & Firkin (London, Saturday 11th August 2018)  


There are not many musicians who love and are skilled enough to embrace so many different styles like Boubacar Kafando.

Despite the fact that he wasn’t born in a griot family (or maybe because of that), he looked and explored all over his country, Burkina Faso, to find the right sound. He found many and fell in love with them, from blues to afrobeat, and from rock to jazz. He learnt how to play them on his kora and n’goni, he collected stories and legends and got used to singing along with them.

That’s why listening to him and his Pan-African band Zaama Nooma performing those tunes is something more than attending a gig. It’s like experiencing a scene from Western African daily life, imagining its protagonists and dancing to its everyday rhythms.

You can do all this on Saturday, when Boubacar will visit Fox & Firkin in Lewisham together with Zaama Nooma Band supported by Fenomeno Show’s upbeat DJ-set.

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