Preview: Bulldozer @ Archspace London (London, 23rd August 2017)

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Part of the exciting new wave of Colombian bands inspired by Afro-Colombian rhythms, Bulldozer arrive in London for their debut UK show at Archspace presented by Movimientos.

Fresh from the festival circuit in Europe, Bulldozer bring their dance-floor ready mix of Colombian champeta, ‘70s funk, traditional Colombian rhythms, electronic sounds and synthesizers for their U.K debut.

Hailing from Bogota and launching onto the global beats scene on collaborations with legendary DJ/producer Daniel Haaksman for his album, African Fabrics. They are now focusing on the evolution of their sound through Soukous from the ‘80s & ‘90s, the main root of the Colombian champeta sound, whilst giving more space to electronic beats and synthesisers along with a progressive percussive sound.

Adjust your seatbelts, relax your head, ask the stewardess for a kiss and prepare for your next unique trip through musical genres.

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