Preview: Bustin’ Loose On The Corner with DJ Khalab + Penya @ Stour Space (London, 9th September 2016)


This show promises five acts for one impressive night at Stour Space on 9th September. If you want to hear, dance and know where African and Latin music are heading, you mustn’t  to miss this show!

DJ Khalab, Bustin’ Loose, Magnus P.I and Pete, founder of intriguing label On the Corner Records, will play the latest up-and-coming vibes from the Afro-dance music scene. They will focus their selection on Afrofuturism, Afro-groove, funk and refined vintage tunes from all over the African Continent to let you dance throughout the six-hour event.

But there will also be some space and enough time for the album launch of Penya debut EP: Acelere. In fact, the London-based 5-piece band will steal the scene to the DJs with their intoxicating Afro-Latin blend and keep your feet moving following the ritmo.

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