Preview: Cairokee @ Student Central (London, 3rd March 2016)


Organised by British event company Marsm and supported by Alaraby TV Network, don’t miss Cairokee this week at Student Central in a unique night of world blues and contemporary Egyptian music, where touching and vibrant lyrics blend with modern Egyptian rock.

After a sold-out concert in London last year, Cairokee are back for a special concert this week as part of a series of events highlighting Egyptian and Sudanese musicians. With their sound evolving tremendously from one album to the next, reflecting their goals and continuous ambition to sing along with the ever-evolving Cairo, Cairokee are set to ignite the student drinking whole.

Listening to Cairokee’s music is like a journey to contemporary Egypt; their massive smash hits have triggered the sentiments of people throughout the revolution and beyond. Their hit single, ‘Sout El-Horreya’ (The Voice of Freedom) — written during the first 18 days of the revolution and released before former president Hosni Mubarak stepped down — took the country by storm and could be seen and heard for months on TV channels, radio stations, and even as a cell phone ringtone.

Gaining international media attention, with appearances on CNN and coverage in publications like Vanity Fair, their third and latest album, Sekka Shemal (An Indecent Path), features collaborations with the renowned musician Souad Massi and the late vernacular poet Ahmed Fouad Negm. Next week’s show is not one to overlook for any world and political music enthusiasts.

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