Preview: CimbaliBand @ The Forge (London, 30th March 2017)


Who’d have imagined that the cimbalom could be so groovy? If you’re not used to the sound of the Hungarian dulcimer and the energetic way in which Balázs Unger, founder member of CimbaliBand, plays it. Be ready for something special, be ready to be amazed.

In a few days’ time, the six-piece ensemble from Budapest will visit The Forge in Camden, where their free-range music, built on the Balkan Gypsy tradition, Hungarian folk repertoire and rock’n’roll approach, will really shake up the venue along with everyone inside.

In addition to their unadulterated musical passion and hearty character, CimbaliBand are also remarkable artists, and on Thursday, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy plenty of their musicianship and experience a close encounter with the so-called “Chuck Berry of cimbalom”.

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