Preview: Cortex @ Jazz Café (London, 15th June 2017)


It happens many times, too many to be honest… Some of the most influential and genre-defining bands are also some of the most overlooked, only ever celebrated by industry insiders and professionals.

That’s the case for a Paris-based project that came to light in the early-70s and still provides inspiration for ranks of up-and-coming musicians, DJs and producers. We are talking about Cortex and its band leader Alain Mion. Even though their music has been sampled, referenced and copied time and again, they hardly had a glimpse of popularity.

That’s why we are more than excited about a gig happening on the 15th of June at the Jazz Café in Camden, when Cortex, with their silky and refined blend of jazz, funk and Brazilian sound, will smooth the stress out of North West London, and all who are lucky enough to be present.

Thanks to Mr Bongo, Alain Mion and company will seize the opportunity to celebrate the reissue of their debut album Troupeau Bleu and we will bless the comeback of such a significant and highly recommended band.

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Event Review: Cortex @ The Jazz Café (London, 15th June 2017)

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Artists: Cortex

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