Preview: Cykada @ Mau Mau Bar (London, 5th of October 2017)


Cross-cultural influences and unpredictable beats are fundamental columns for music innovation and inspiration. Music that takes off – its fresh sound shows you the space beyond the conceptions of what is electronic, what is not, and what is jazz. This is where you meet Cykada, a 6-man space-shuttle bringing you to the outer space of music.

October 5th will see them sparkling with life at Mau Mau Bar, where they’ll be showcasing their entrancing potion of staggering progressive jazz power sounds. The ensemble includes trumpet and tenor saxophone, expanded by the underpinning energy of eclectic percussion and bass spirits. The guitar’s weaving interludes conflate with the electronic trails, leading the overall grooviness at light-speed into a spatial journey of unexpected dynamics.

Eventually, it’s hard to tell where the sonic vibration of Cykada originates from when hearing their singing in the tree shed. Perhaps it is the uniqueness of their collective singing, which is propelling us listeners to keep on listening.

Photo ©: Daniel Woodfield

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