Preview: Danza Contemporanea de Cuba @ Barbican (London, 23rd February 2017)


The relation between ¡COMO NO! and Cuban dancers and choreographers started back in 2000. Since then, the London-based Latin American culture promoters have always been keen to present and bring Cuban companies to the UK, constantly presenting original and successful shows. The same will happen late this February…

Forget about salsa then, because when it comes to dance, as for music, Cuba hides a surprising diversity of styles and approaches.

On 23rd of February, you’ll experience many of them, when Danza Contemporanea de Cuba will visit Barbican for a one-off show, during which contemporary, classical, African and European characters will enrich the the Cuban essence of the dance company.

The new show presented by Danza Contemporanea, is indeed choreographed by some eclectic and remarkable artists like Colombian-Belgian Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, Brighton-based Theo Clinkard and Cuban George Cespedes.

Unfortunately, you won’t dance, but you will surely take inspiration.


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