Preview: Dino D’Santiago @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Friday 17th January 2020)

Dino D’Santiago jazzcafe

Lisbon’s coolness has many seeds, one of them undoubtedly germinated out of the fertile music soil of the city. Lisbon sounds West African, European and Mediterranean at the same time, and there are musicians who are more artful in embodying the brew than others. Dino D’Santiago is not simply good at it; he is arguably the best as of today.

Thanks to his Cape Verdean blood, he has been able to revive the quintessential Afro-Luso repertoire, infusing new life into styles like funaná, morna and batuku already immortalized decades ago by a diva-like Cesaria Évora.

Dino D’Santiago found a way to effectively simulate those sounds with electronic arrangements, giving an even more dynamic and refined character to them. His vocal cords made the rest, making him the perfect voice of Lisbon’s soul. “Nova Lisboa” has indeed become one of the hymns of the city, but there are plenty of other inspired tunes written by him that can perfectly soundtrack the Portuguese Capital.

You will have the opportunity to revel in many of those songs when he will visit the Jazz Cafe on the 17th of January, and for one night, you’ll feel like being on the shores of the Tagus River.

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