Preview: Disco Lagos: K.O.G + Banana Hill @ Camden Assembly (London, 4th August 2017)  


Three months ago, we had the pleasure and thrill to host them on the Epic Dalston stage. Having known them and enjoyed their music, it’s almost inevitable to recommend anyone to attend their gigs.

So, don’t make any plans for the 4th of August, you should even postpone your holidays because London will be overwhelmed by party vibes and West African sounds played by K.O.G. & the Zongo Brigade.

The Sheffield-based ensemble captained by Kweku will excite the Camden Assembly supported by Banana Hill and their groovy selection of floor fillers.

From 10pm to 3am, it’s going to be a night entirely dedicated to West African grooves with afrobeat, highlife, funk, and reggae taking over the dance floor.

And for once, you can fully enjoy Summer and its dance vibes, even in London.

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