Preview: Doin’ Our Own Thing – Analog Africa Soundsystem + Duncan Brooker @ Total Refreshment Centre (London, 9th September 2017)  


Fully immerse yourself in everything funky and groovy that Africa has to offer. For one night, London will move its hips to some of the best Afro-vibes thanks to two of the most sought-after and refined DJ-sets you can enjoy.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Samy Ben Redjeb (Analog Africa founder) and Duncan Brooker (Strut Records associate) have dedicated their lives to seek, recover, and revive the purest expressions of the African sound. They have travelled the Continent far and wide and delved into its boundless music repertoires to represent and play them today, giving you the opportunity to have some of the danciest and fulfilling nights you, your feet, and ears could ever have.

Total Refreshment Centre’s dance floor will be busier and warmer than ever on the 9th of September, so don’t miss a one-off chance to raise your Saturday night fever.




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