Preview: Dom La Nena @ St. Pancras Old Church (London, 28th October 2015)

dom la nena with cello – credit JEREMIAH 3

You just need few honeyed notes of one of her songs or listen to her featherweight voice to buy a one-way ticket to your imagination and let it fly to Porto Alegre and Rio Grande region.

Even if Dominique Pinto or Dom ‘La Nena’ (as everyone calls her since her Buenos Aires period) left her native country more than fifteen years ago to be adopted by the world, her vocal cords are still harmoniously Brazilian.

In few weeks time, you’ll have the opportunity to meet her exquisite vocal skills, mellow tunes and tenacious character because Dom will visit London to play a gig in the intimate hall of St. Pancras Old Church.

Trust us, you won’t listen to many other accomplished musicians like Dom La Nena.

Singer, songwriter but also cellist and pianist, she has already played next to some of the greatest interpreters and musicians like Jane Birkin, Jeanne Moreau, Piers Faccini and Christine Walevska, and compared to some of the most popular artists from Brian Wilson to Cat Power.

Now, she’s just published her second full-length album titled Soyo, which she will present to the London audience for the first time.

You’ll arguably have no better chance to discover ‘La Nena’ music and how her global experiences have tweaked her inspired Brazilian roots.

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