Preview: Don Kipper & The Langan Band @ The Jazz Cafe (London; Friday 24th May 2019)


The Kippers are hitting the Jazz Cafe stage once again, but this time it’s going to be their night.

On 24th May, they are bringing new, forged music madness, coming together as Don Kipper after months of no performances. Fear not; their individual involvement with London’s extensive music odyssey and beyond has probably fuelled these multi-talented musicians with so much joy and energy to set this concert off with lush style.

I mean, members of Cykada, Maisha and Chiminyo aka Jamie Benzies and Tim Doyle are bound to bring rollercoasters of tight rhythm one after the other. Make sure to attend to witness the North East part of London town’s music mix, which this multi-award-winning ensemble has been preaching for, shaping their sound into a living cultural practice.

Don Kipper crafted their successful blend of Turkish and Greek folk, Romani and Klezmer (plus groovy Senegalese music, jazz infused with a samba twist) long ago, superbly suffused with the deep vocal strength and wise specialism that is Greek-Serbian singer Dunja Botic. Multi-project leader, guitarist and composer Tim Karp lines up with heartful fingering and prosperous flair of the Kippers’ musicianship.

To the joy of the ever-growing followers and new ears to their magic, Don Kipper is headlining, and is going to surprise the lucky ones with a ticket with a few aces in the hole. Not to mention that Daniel Gouly and Josh Middleton will play intricate soulful conversations between clarinet and synth, defying Don Kipper’s sources of influence, and pushing boundaries further and further, hardly leaving your head alone up there.

Curtains will open up with the renowned award winners and festivals’ mainstage regulars, Langan Band. Their Celtic roots have grown well beyond the spirit of the Balkans and flamenco, with punk colours empowering their performances with a wide-spread confirmation that never sounds out of place.

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