Preview: Dur Dur Live – Volume 1 and Volume 2 Launch Party @ Redon (London; Saturday 15 September 2018)

Dur Dur Live

London welcomes the legendary Dur-Dur Band to one of its more intimate East London venues in mid-September; a show that could have taken place at The Jazz Café, Rich Mix or any of the bigger venues that dominate London’s global music scene, will be taking place at Redon, a small space that can be found under the train arches in Cambridge Heath.

The intimacy of the show only goes some way in explaining why this is so exciting: Dur-Dur Band are one of the more elusive bands when it comes to performances, rarely gracing stages, having disbanded in the 90s and only making the occasional comeback. This special show will celebrate the reissue, by Analog Africa, of The Dur-Dur Band’s Vols. 1-2.

Having formed in the 1980s, they were at the heart of Mogadishu’s disco scene and became one of the most popular groups in Somalia. Supported by Analog Africa DJs, the evening is set to be a lively and engrossing show, offering the sounds of 80s Mogadishu and beyond. The music being released is now over 30 years old, however, the compelling and timeless sound of Dur-Dur Band, coupled with the extreme rarity of the event, should dispel any signs of age, and sets this up to be an exciting Saturday evening.

You can expect in-your-face horns, groovy melodies and Mogadishu disco like you’ve never heard it before. This show is certainly not to be missed.

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