Preview: Equator Festival – Women of the World @ Kings Place (London, 21st October 2017)

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It won’t be the 8th of March, the official date of International Women’s Day, but the mood won’t be too different because, on the 21st of October, Kings Place and Equator Festival will dedicate the entire day to the Women of the World music series: giving an opportunity to shine a light on the meaningful talent of some female musicians coming from worlds apart backgrounds and differing regions.

The event will start in the early afternoon with the all-female chamber choir, Invicta Voices, formed by singers coming from the most diverse working environments (from teachers to film producers), who have all dedicated a big chunk of their spare time to explore the choral music repertoire.

At 5pm, Zimbabwean Anna Mudeka, through her singing, dancing and sound of mbira (traditional thumb piano), will revive the musical heritage of her country and reaffirm the importance of female musicians in South African culture.

A couple of hours later, Elinor Jane Moran, Melanie Lodge and Elspeth Wilkes will set into music and breathe new life into the work of some remarkable poets such as Phillis Wheatley, Mary Baker Eddy, Anne Brontë and Elizabeth Margaret Chandler.

The festival grand-finale is reserved for Turkish of Kurdish Alevi origins, Olcay Bayir. Freshly awarded by the PRS Foundation of the Women Make Music scheme, Olcay will introduce her new project Anatolian Songbird, supported by the talent of Kefaya’s Giuliano Modarelli (guitar) and Al MacSween (keyboard). Her “songbook” connects the many characters composing the Turkish music repertoire and influences that have enriched it.

For the 10th year in a row, Women of the World will offer its audience an opportunity to applaud some remarkable female artists. Come and celebrate their musicianship at Kings Place on the 21st of October!

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