Preview: Errol Linton @ Sands Film (London, 16th November 2016)


When you listen to Errol Linton’s voice and mellow atmospheres that his harmonica creates, the first things that come to your mind are Delta blues, Mississippi and “The Most Southern Place on Earth”. And even if you perfectly know that blues can be played and is reinterpreted in the four corners of the world, those images will hardly abandon your mind.

That’s why it’s always surprising when you realise that Errol Linton is born and bred in Brixton instead of the proximity of a Louisiana swamp, and has built his reputation in London bars and venues and not in New Orleans music clubs.

On Wednesday, he will bring his harmonica South of the River (Thames) to captivate Sands Films and Tuned In London audience. The Rotherhithe venue will surely enjoy an inspiring night, in which blues, its stories and imagery will be the absolute protagonists.

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