Preview: Estrella Morente @ Meltdown – Southbank Centre (London, 17/08/2015)


EVENT – 17/08/2015 – London, Southbank Centre, MeltdownEstrella Morente

Estrella Morente Carbonell is little more than 30, but she’s already a polestar for the flamenco scene in and outside her native Andalusia.

However, if you are the daughter of the celebrated artist Enrique Morente and the graceful dancer Aurora Carbonell, and a natural born singer, that’d be business as usual.
In fact, what makes Estrella Morente unique is not her flamenco lineage or innate talent, but her style and elegance.

In few words, it’s not just about her voice, but also the dramatic facial expressions, sinuous body moves, legs twists and quivering feet.
It all helps to create an enchanting spell which takes the breath of the audience away.

David Byrne, who arguably felt under that spell, appointed her to perform and open “his” edition of Southbank Centre’s Meltdown Festival on the 17th of August.

And even if you think that flamenco is not your thing and can’t feel the same passion which fires up the aficionados, you’ll be surely blown away by the emotional performance of one of its most ardent cantaoras.

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Review: Estrella Morente @ Meltdown festival – Southbank Centre (London, 17 August 2015)

As part of David Byrne’s ‘Meltdown’ festival, one of flamenco’s leading lights, Estrella Morente, opened her concert standing solo on an atmospherically lit stage. Within minutes her gypsy-esque voice, plaintiff and emotive had the audience gripped. Morente’s heritage is drenched with Flamenco gold. Her grandfather was the guitarist Montoyita, and…

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