Preview: Fanfare Ciocarlia & Taraf de Impex + DJ Sacha Dieu @ Electric Brixton (London; Wednesday 20th November 2019)

fanfare electricbrix

Shows like this don’t happen every day. Save plenty of energy, because you will have a really hard time trying to keep your feet on the ground and not be blown away by the Romanian Gypsy brass storm that will batter Electric Brixton in late November.

Fanfare Ciocarlia and Taraf de Impex (from Taraf de Haidouks glory) supported by a Sacha Dieu DJ-set are going to release a Romani hurricane in Brixton.

When it comes to Balkan music, you can hardly find more roaring and thundering interpreters. The two ensembles have indeed blown into their horns and beaten their drums for decades, becoming the most recognised and impassioned Balkan brass bands around. Still, they’re playing louder than ever.

So, brace yourself, head for Electric Brixton on Wednesday 20th November and catch the Gypsy brass blast!

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