Preview: Fat Freddy’s Drop @ The Electric Brixton (London; Friday 9th & Saturday 10th November 2018)  

fat freddys brix

Since their debut album Based on a True Story was released in 2005, progressive dub-jazz masters Fat Freddy’s Drop have risen to recognition as a fundamental sound on the scene and have dropped albums that consistently impress to near cult status.

Fat Freddy’s are also globally renowned for their completely immersive, energetic and electric performances, stunning festival mainstages (such as Boomtown), and selling out wherever they play. Catching Fat Freddy’s Drop live is a real treat; they often play progressively from one song to the next to create a complete full running concept concert.

Their grooves are infectious, their drops are undeniably danceable, and their stage presence is as powerful as one can imagine.

The Electric Brixton is a perfect venue to host such a band, with their deep alliance to the reggae and dub scene. It’s a coming together of the foundations not to be missed.

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