Preview: Four Corners, A London Showcase @ Archspace (London, Wednesday 25th July 2018)  


On Wednesday 25th July, head for Archspace in Haggerston and have a listen to how London sounds!

The East End venue is putting on a showcase, gathering together talents from North, South, East and West London to present the new waves that are enlivening the British capital music scene.

Gecko, Sarah Williams White, Tiana Major9 and Grace Lightman will indeed represent the four, still unexposed, musical corners of the city. Their fresh musicianship, ranging from the playful songwriting of Gecko to Sarah Williams White’s atmospheric electro-synth-pop, and from the Caribbean scented nu-soul and R&B of Tiana Major9 to Grace Lightman’s shoegazing and lyrical psychedelia, will bring you up to date on the state of affairs of the local soundscape.

It is more than possible to find an organic and home-grown London sound, which at the same time is inevitably drawing fully from the kaleidoscopic cultural environment where it thrives.

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